Keep Going - a piece with great meaning for me. Story in comments.

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Farm herd Casper, who faced off 11 coyotes and killed 8 of them. He was missing for two days right after which they believed he was tracking the remaining coyotes and finishing the job. His vet sad was lucky to be alive and his owner said he will have him retire from herding.

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Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. It’s awesome you were able to come to the realization that you needed help. Many older people will tell you that they didn’t even know themselves until their 30’s. I am 55 and I fully feel that way. My 30’s were my best decade until I reached my 40’s. Each decade has been better than the last. I have been medicated all of my adult life but I didn’t realize it wasn’t enough to fix my issues until a year ago! I feel like I just woke up at 55!! I know how hard it is to think about your lost youth. The thing is, it would be gone either way. You are at the time in your life when cleanup can begin. You still have time to make the very best of your life. I am sending you love, encouragement and understanding.

  2. What?? That’s just crazy. There is zero nutritional value in concrete

  3. I’ve never used Ambien so I can’t relate, but those comics depicting what it’s like are hilarious and scary.

  4. A friend of mine took it as prescribed and wound up wrecking his company car, getting arrested for driving while impaired and lost his awesome job… all for taking a sleeping pill the night before work the next day. On another occasion a few years after that, I was prescribed Ambien. I took one on a Friday night to see if I would have any issues taking it and wound up still feeling high as hell on Monday. I didn’t use the rest of the bottle.

  5. I am pretty sure they meant if they were there, they would wash your dog for you

  6. Any reason for their feet being the way it is?

  7. Those feet immediately caught my eye! They are so interesting!!

  8. I am sorry. I got diagnosed at 49. Your post is so familiar. It also really annoys me that I sought mental health treatment is my 20s and they totally missed it. I tried all the antidepressants. They dulled things but didn't help at all. All I could do was some low paid jobs. When I got to my 30s, I figured out how to work with my deficiencies, but it was mentally exhausting. I honestly have no idea how people can handle having kids. Working, maintaining a home, trying to take care of myself is like too much work for me.

  9. I know what you mean. To do my job, I have to put in so many more hours than others in my role. I am salary so that isn’t a problem. As long as I get my job done well, it doesn’t matter to anyone other than myself.

  10. That’s the point about being a generational thing. I feel like some folks were trying to make it cultural. But if you grew up in the 80’s corporal punishment was the norm. Even at school. The paddle’s that the teachers and principals had today would land your ass in jail.

  11. I grew up in the 80’s and we didn’t experience corporal punishment. Not in my family, extended family or any of my friends families. I think it was around, I just wasn’t anywhere near kids who got more than “restriction”

  12. Poor kid. He made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes especially at that age. My parents were strict but I never got in trouble for an honest mistake. If I lied about it or did it while breaking a rule, then I would have privileges taken away. I never had to worry about getting beaten. Every parent raises their children differently and nobody’s way is perfect but I am very grateful I never had to feel true fear like that

  13. In the case of the Memphis murder it shows the police involved can be motivated by an abuse of power over civilians as they have been historically in other societies as well. I am in no way saying that racism hasn’t been and isn’t a huge issue.. it just isn’t the only one.

  14. I am sobbing reading all these comments, but yours especially. My dad also lived alone. He was a beautifully stubborn man who wouldn’t see doctors and spent his weekdays fixing lawn mowers and his weekends building racing lawn mowers. It is a knife in my heart to know he had this medical event happen to him and he was alone. Even worse, his truest and best companion in life was his dog… and the dog got sick the same day he had the stroke and has had to be put down. It is so cruel and painful and it truly feels like there is a hole in the world and in me and I’ll never crawl out of it. Your words make me think I might be able to make sense of this someday, even if it’s never ok. Thank you so very much

  15. This made me think of losing my Dad 17 years ago. My heart broke too. Just take it one day at a time and accept the help people give you. I am sending a hug and understanding. Time will be a blessing to you.

  16. I know you're retired Casper, we need you for one more job. El Lobo has kidnapped the president's daughter. We sent in bark team six but it was a trap and you are all that is left

  17. I see where you are coming from - you are trying to help him grow up because his own parents aren’t the best examples. It’s a difficult situation to be in. I hope everything works out for the best for everyone involved.

  18. I am a 55 year old woman. I went through menopause early starting at 34. Hot flashes are terrible. I would freak out when I felt one coming on and start ripping my clothes off. LOL. They go away. What helped me the most was going to my GYN. He put me on hormones. The first type was way too strong so he put me on a much milder dose. The great thing about hormones wasn’t just the alleviation of the bad symptoms but I felt frisky again. Almost too frisky. LOL. I also had to go on some really strong antidepressants. I was good as new. I know your girlfriend lost her son and that is horrible. I don’t have children so I can’t relate but I lost my Dad and for at least a year, I didn’t laugh. I am a silly person and love to laugh so that was a really big deal. I wish you the best. If she refuses to get help, it probably won’t change any time soon. My heart is with you and hope things work out for you both.

  19. Thank God FOR Everday People song from the 1970's love is love

  20. Up it. Go up 5 minutes before closing, use the restroom and dawdle for a few. If they shut the elevators down, get them for both discrimination and false imprisonment.

  21. I am a sissy when it comes to bugs. I like this one though. It’s really pretty!

  22. Their name comes from the shape of their wings.

  23. is this an earwig? I’ve never seen one jet black before

  24. for your pleasure kind internet stranger:

  25. I keep coming back to watch the video again and again. Last night, this morning and now at lunchtime. LOL

  26. No way. Arnold Swarzenegger cheated on Maria Schriver with his housekeeper. He and she had a son the same year Arnold had a son with his wife. He is a womanizer, a liar and a cheat. Maria didn’t find out till he was 24

  27. Jane Goodall, princess Diana, Julie andrews, Chadwick Boseman, Audrey Hepburn, grace Kelly as a few.

  28. I don't know why you're getting downvoted for basically stating the facts in this matter.

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