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THINK! A Summary: Vulture Capitalist and Yahoo owner Apollo tries to death spiral finance GME, S3 changes SI formula right after sneeze to fool us, S3 on Yahoo TV suddenly pumping GME? Apollo+CreditSuisse? Swipe right. Trap/fake squeeze incoming?

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  1. Everyday someone new asks the same questions

  2. I remember when I couldn’t wait to see 2 trillion…. Now it’s like “oh, 2 trillion again… meh”

  3. I get close to 400 miles per tank in my 2010 mgm. I average 23.5 to 24 mpg.

  4. It’s amazing to me how densely populated all the blue areas are in comparison to the rest of the country. Voter maps are basically city vs rural.

  5. Nice car for the mileage! Things that have not been mentioned…. If you want better fuel economy, get the rear end out of a regular crown Vic, or MGM. I don’t remember what’s in the P71’s, some other nerd on here will probably chime in, but the MGM and Vic are highway geared. My 2010 MGM has a 2.73 final drive and I get 22.5-23.7 pretty much always. My driving is roughly 75% highway. On the other side, if you want to hoon it and do donuts/burnouts, and you don’t care about mileage, swap it for a 4.10. I’d also try to get an LSD. Rear end work is going to be your best performance-per-dollar mod. Since the wheels are cheap, maybe get a second set and run used tires for fk’n around. Have your main set of wheels/tires for responsible driving.

  6. Another note: go to Harbor Freight and get a dent repair tool set. Knock that sent out your self. Honestly, you may not need the tool kit, that a pretty simple dent… maybe a rubber mallet would bang it out… however the tool kit would allow you to remove any remaining crease in the fender.

  7. LASTLY, I’m a bit old school in this regard… pick up either a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car. I got my first vehicle in 2006 when there was very limited resources online for repairing cars/trucks. Right now, the internet is mostly cat videos and porn, but there’s lots of other info too… back then it was ONLY cat videos and porn… so a Haynes manual really saved me lot of money and helped me develop a base of knowledge for automotive repair.

  8. 🤣 you going to the demolition derby with it? Low miles… but those are some hard miles. No traffic is going to stand in your way though that’s for sure

  9. Probably from the dividend shares that the DTCC never actually distributed.

  10. The back of the shirt could be one large QR code that people can scan without fear of you seeing them do it

  11. Yeah. That’s the plan for the next one. This was just testing it to make sure the QR code actually printed well enough to scan. It did

  12. Good meme’ing but Blockbuster currently has no market participation… still waiting on developments

  13. Getting 23-24 on my 2011 LX on the highway. Long as I keep it under 80 lol

  14. Is yours flex fuel capable? Ever use it?

  15. Lol, that’s just the camera. No missing pixels

  16. Lol just fyi man, your gut feeling doesn’t actually replace factual information.

  17. Correct, your gut feeling does not replace factual information. Take your own advice.

  18. Whether bigger taller vehicles have worse visibility than smaller lower vehicles was never the point of discussion. It was whether or not Police needed be be ticketing every truck they see with a Carolina Lean. The statement was made that, even stock, trucks and suvs have “horrible” visibility. That’s not true. So, at this point your pulling away from the core discussion and grasping at straws to prove-once-and-for-all how ‘right’ you are. In my opinion, the Carolina Lean does not, in and of it self, present enough risk to warrant state wide police action.

  19. What was the initial post-split price?

  20. I definitely want the entire compendium of DD to be minted as NFTs so it can live forever

  21. What does he think parabolic is? Parabolic means a 5 figure price, fast, and a continuing accent to the moon. “Parabolic” does not mean “a jump to $100” or even to $50. What does he think ‘I’ think is a parabolic movement? Regardless, I’m options-trap-proof. I only know how to buy and hodl.

  22. Ortex. It's simple. Admit it wasn't a miscalculation. We already KNOW what it was, there is no winning here unless you tell the truth.

  23. “YOU CaNT hAnDLe ThE TruTH!” -Ortex

  24. This feels like an answer you give to buy a few days for everything to blow over. They assume Reddit will forget. They think we will just move on to the next shiny trinket. They don’t expect to release findings because they assume in a few days we will have given up.

  25. They are not idiots. They’re arrogant. They think we’re idiots.

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