1. i'm also INFJ! goddamn. is this "the sensitive-from-trauma" type? lol

  2. favorite drapes are definitely that first indigo blue, and the slightly-muted black! i actually think you're likely a muted season; perhaps a combination of dark, muted, and cool. (this is my combo, too!). i'm wondering if maybe you're a dark/"shaded" summer, or a "toasted" winter.

  3. The Horse and Jockey. Delicious British fare, twenty beers on tap and a Premier League match on the television. They're nice people as well.

  4. i was thinking this as well! my friends and i went there and they had live jazz and didn't mind us dancing in the aisles between tables. it was such a jolly fun time!

  5. omg this is fascinating, thank you!!! i have never ever thought of myself as ingenue. i am a large person and frilly dresses have always felt really awkward on me, and also i have been told since i was a little kid that i look "mature" (???). BUT all that said, i'm totally seeing for the first time what you're seeing - this "princess diana vibe" (i would love to know in more detail what you mean by that, but i think i'm getting it!)

  6. I agree with natural and I'm also thinking Gamine? You look great in all the pictures but the ones where you have shorter hair with short layers and are wearing clothes with those staccato lines (like the red halter top, the wrap sweater, etc) stand out as especially good on you. I'm not sure what a third one would be, if any. I definitely see you looking your best in relaxed but kind of funky/playful outfits!

  7. this is so interesting, thank you so much!! i never thought i could be a gamine, because (a) my frame is so large, and (b) tiny patterns and details and bits and bobs look pretty awful on me, lol. BUT i am totally seeing what you're saying here, and it's almost like ... gamine, but blown up to a larger size!

  8. Not to go against others but I actually think SD. SDs can have broad shoulders and yours look more broad sharp than broad blunt to me. A few others clues:

  9. thank you! which outfits would you say are the SD-ish ones and you think work well, vs the ones that you feel don't work as well?

  10. I see blunt, wide, and long bones. Your flesh seems to be from your weight and FN can have curves too.

  11. i don't think i understand what "flesh ... from your weight" means. Isn't all flesh from weight? I have size DDD breasts even at my very thinnest.

  12. thank you so much!! wow, this typing stuff is so great because i'm basically learning that all my clothing preferences my whole life actually "make sense" for my body... yay!!

  13. I think your logic on why you settled in FN is PERFECT. I also think your stretchy tanks and flowy skirt is classic FN fashion.

  14. ah this is so helpful thank you! i knew there was a reason i've always deeply resented cap sleeves...

  15. i'm getting winter vibes from you, rather than autumn.

  16. damn, needed to read this. i feel this shame and the throwing-back-the-shoulders sooo hard. i've done it my whole life.

  17. my favorite drapes by far are the teal, the dark green, and the deep green! I'm getting cool vibes. you're a tricky one as for what season though -- i keep going back and forth between all four lol.

  18. You're supposed to have more connection than this, and it's not your fault that you don't.

  19. Wow, this is kind of profound. Do you mean you shouldn’t have more connections because us CPTSD aren’t built to maintain friendships like others? At least that’s how I interpreted it, and I couldn’t agree more. 🇺🇸

  20. I just mean that as a child, I was excruciatingly lonely, and I thought it must be my fault, like something was wrong with me. And it wasn't.

  21. I see warm and muted. That brown with gold flecks looks wonderful on you. I think you're an autumn of some sort, though which I can't say.

  22. Warm autumn is my first guess! You're definitely warm (your face comes alive with that yellow, vs with the cool green i see the fabric before you.) I think you'd benefit from a bit of mutedness, and darker colors vs lighter colors. So I'm not sure which autumn is best, but I have high confidence you're in the autumn arena!

  23. I have broad everything but it's just not what needs to be accommodated first. Broad shoulders are beautiful btw.

  24. thank you!!! and yep, same i guess - curves accommodation first. broad shoulders are just along for the ride, they don't usually cause many disruptions (except that boxy unisex tshirts look absolutely HORRENDOUS)

  25. If you can wear an oversized jacket with minimal waist emphasis and not look sloppy you are probably FN.

  26. huh, interesting, thank you. I definitely look lousy as hell in boxy oversized structured jackets. I'm too curvy for them. I'm starting to think SD clothing fits me better; I just have added broad-ass shoulders in the mix, but that's fine lol

  27. As someone who thinks SD/FN is mistyped a lot, and as someone who can intuitively tell them apart, the best way define them is the Kibbe definition of accommodation. Saying that SD just has more curves is confusing because FN can be curvy/busty/etc.

  28. omg this helped me so much!! i'm also torn between these two types, and my arms totally sit ajar like this! lol thank you

  29. I just took the Kibbe test and seem to have a "Natural" body frame (soft yang), and "Romantic" (lush yin) flesh filling it out. "Soft natural" seemed to be the choice for me, but I'm 5'10, and I read that "Soft naturals" are generally not so tall.

  30. i’m getting spring vibes. probably light spring. but i could also see a soft autumn!

  31. you’re welcome! the olive green on the right is my absolute favorite 🍁

  32. i definitely like you best in the autumn colors! and it seems you look best in the slightly muted ones, medium value.

  33. i’m getting a mixed read on whether you’re cool or warm; your eyes look quite warm, but your skin looks rather cool to me. i LOVE you in the deep purple and the royal blue 😍 so i’d probably type you as bright or deep winter, but with low confidence. i also could see you as a deep autumn! also, i suggest wearing bigger patterns — the small stripes totally muddy your beauty, IMO!

  34. totally!! i would balayage it with an ash blonde. i def agree with your typing that cool summer tones look like the move!

  35. great to know, thank you!! did you do it in person or virtually? i feel anxiety considering being on a drug and on a virtual therapy session with no one really there, but dang i’d love to try this

  36. i’m stumped on season, but i’m getting a distinctly olive undertone. i also really liked that first cool deep green on you

  37. i agree those are my three favorites too! they all feel deep but like a sort of mix of warm and cool to me; leaning cool but with a tinge of warm? what do you think?

  38. I actually really liked the off-black on you! :) It is a neutral that is as strong as your coloring - it's harmonious. Against your skin, it doesn't fight your coloring and it allows your natural undertones to shine in a healthy way. Pure white is doing the same - that's your real undertone coming through. Your coloring has the strength to work well with very contrasty and bright blacks and whites. Add yellows to the white and make ivory - ermgghrrddd nooo. That oatmeal was not a good neutral for you, either.

  39. also, wait — so the cool oatmeal sucked as a neutral, but apparently so does camel. am i just not cut out for any light neutrals besides white?

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