1. I still have no idea! Was labeled SP when I bought and thought by now I'd have an idea what it was, but it's funky and can't really compare to any references I've seen. Maybe someone else will know, but I'm still clueless on what it is, I like to admire it for it's uniqueness though!

  2. I get myrtillo vibes from the areoles but it looks pach too? Can myrtil and pach be crossed?

  3. Red wing sucks now imo, I won't buy them anymore. My most recent pair only lasted me 10 months. Trying out Ariats now

  4. I've got some baby seedlings of this same cross! Your's are larger than mine though.

  5. Nice! It may be one of misplants "newer" crosses although I did buy the seeds in the fall. Haven't been able to find pics of bigger ones. Just gonna have to wait and see. I do have one that's been on pere for about 2 months. Just grafted another to a small super Pedro cut last week too

  6. Well you cacti look great, much healthier than mine! I know you wanted pictures of bigger cactus and now I might keep an eye out for your updates for the same reason lol Do you happen to know what kind of genetics or cross Malo2 is? I know Malo4 is a Scop. x Pach. (Or reverse?) But I'm not sure on the Malo2.

  7. Ty, Not sure on the cross tbh but would love to learn more. I've seen people say maybe lumberjack x pach? I have some baby malo9 xmalo8 too, fat lil guys no idea the cross tho lol you can see those in that green tray. Top right cube

  8. You definitely can, get a nice sterile and sharp blade and cut off the top and bottom and let it callous over for a couple weeks. Stick it a few inches deep in perlite once it's calloused and wait for roots. Make sure not to plant it upsidedown

  9. Thanks for the comment! How do I let it callous? Sorry for the newbie questions

  10. Maybe for seedlings but I don't think it would be enough for more mature plants.

  11. so i thought i'd try this out. i'm doing 70% scoria, 10% biochar, 10% humus, and 10% vermicast. it's very heavy (especially when wet) and the scoria is chunkier than i realized until i'd actually potted these guys. do you think it's gonna be ok for them? any thoughts about this mix (especially for the seedlings as pictured, but also for more established trichos)?

  12. Sounds like your dead set on using the ingredients you have so I'll recommend this and I'm curious about how it goes. It sounds like an interesting mix I would just add potting soil to it 40% scoria 30% potting soil 10% biochar 10% humus 10% vermicast

  13. well i'm definitely dead set on ditching perlite. and i liked the idea of these particular ingredients but if nobody thinks the mix will work as is then i guess it's not worth risking. thanks for your recommendation in any case, i appreciate it. i'll try formulating something with ocean forest once i receive my order of it

  14. Definitely needs a repot, that soil looks way more organic than it should be 10% organic material or less. It could be caespitosa but no way to properly ID it without a flower.

  15. Turface, poultry grit, volcanic pumice equal parts. Actually soil/dirt isn't necessary but I'll throw in a small amount of worm casting. Say you've 10 cups of your equal part "stone" it's safe to add 1 cup or less of worm casting to your mix

  16. Phew! I thought they took away the porta John. Can’t wait for 8/4 tomorrow

  17. Watering every 2 weeks is not very often. Peres can stand in moist soil all day.

  18. They look thirsty. What's the soil mix, how often do you water and does that pot have drainage holes?

  19. Honestly no idea, I got them as a random seed mix at the local hardware shop. They could be a lil bit stressed, they usually sit on my south facing balcony where they get afternoon sun

  20. Nice, there's 2 in there that look super healthy and look like they'll be something really cool looking someday. They really don't need full sun at that age tho.They actually prefer a bit of shade and some humidity. A little bit of both and they'll all perk right up. ☺️

  21. Trichs can take anything lol, i forgot one box of seedlings in the rain once, they sat completely underwater for a few days and were fine XD

  22. 😂 nice! I threw a bunch of shriveled up misfits in a construction garbage bag once. Went back to see what they were doing about a month later. Totally neglected and in the dark, healthier than when I left them, they got potted 😆

  23. Sulfur that asap, could be stress or could be bipolaris. Bipolaris is bad it will spread on that and to other cacti. Keep a close eye on it.

  24. When these get rooted I’ll think about grafting something stronger into them, but for now I got 12 more pounds of pc cuttings, how many trips do you think I’ll get from that?

  25. I'm not sure tbh, you want TBMs or brigdessi for that I do know. Go on over to

  26. First year here too. 6B, I'm waiting until threat of last frost has passed. Probably may, you'd probably be ok where your at if night temps are in the 50s already but we've had a fucked up year so be careful lol

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