1. He's a fraud / degen gambler / losing player. Anyone who knows anything about AP can tell he's a fraud just by listening to him talk about gambling.

  2. the author really misstates the calculation problem, which applies only to capital goods, not consumer goods

  3. Yes. Free trade is good and the same principles apply to labour as goods.

  4. So what is wrong with subsidies? Well, we'd have to look at the specifics, but there are some problems I can see right away. Let's say the market to be subsidized is food. This makes a decent amount of sense at first glance, poor people need to eat, subsidies should make food cheaper, can just tax corporations or the rich and pass on the savings to poor families who are struggling to get by. So far so good.

  5. that is pretty much it. it might require you to open the card catcher first before you open any betonline tables.

  6. Could that be the problem if having it saids please register the Texas hold ‘em version of poker tracker in order to import Texas Holden hands

  7. Eliminate the representative system entirely and just have straight direct democracy. We have the technology.

  8. First off, these deposit bonuses are less attractive than they appear. They are usually just a form of rakeback, and not always that high a % either. Better than nothing, to be sure, but you are not actually making money with them, you are just losing less to the rake.

  9. no, you must buy in for the absolute maximum, and top up every time you so much as post a blind, or you have a small pipi

  10. 95%+ of the time in a 1/2 game the bets or raises don't exceed $100 anyway it is no different.

  11. That's not how the state arose. The state arose through conquest, when one tribespeople would conquer another they would need a means of a means of exacting tribute from the subjugated people. Enter the state. And thus it has always been, and thus it will always be, a tool of exploitation and domination.

  12. Should have been done? We can't change the past. We don't have super powers, and it is stupid to speculate it. The important thing is you learn from the mistakes that were made and follow better safety procedures.

  13. depends on your bankroll size and the minimum bet. those are pretty liberal rules though, i would expect a half percentage advantage at TC + 1 so your half kelly bet would be 0.175% of your bankroll.

  14. I wanted to go away for 2 weeks holidays to another province and im in school at the moment as well and I couldnt leave the province even for holidays and said I need to be in my province where my school is while im in school this is both from OSAP and my college telling me this

  15. You need to be in Ontario for school you cant be in another province or any place else as for the children again they need to be living with you for you to claim then

  16. so there is an actual "hide" rule, which I guess is not what OP was talking about. in a hide game, the dealer will not expose their hole card if it is unnecessary, say for example if you are playing heads up and you bust.

  17. they could be mistaking hold for house edge, or just be completely wrong. might have missed a decimal place.

  18. for a small 2-3 person team you'd be much better off using an every man for himself approach where everyone is a solo counter on different tables.

  19. Is it really that hard to believe that if you make enough poor people mad, someone will take advantage of that? Isn't that what PP is doing in our country?

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