1. From Unreal wargaming It's a bit pricey but it's worth man they have great products I always recommend them

  2. Oulala Well the bases let's say I'm almost happy with them I feel something is missing, or maybe the color scheme is not in accordance with the colors of my minis I can't put my finger on it, anyway ... The recipe is : Base coat with zandri dust Wash 50/50 agrax and reikland Highlight with Karak stone Highlight with ushabti Bone Highlight with screaming skull

  3. Thanks, I really liked the base you did on your first Aquilon. I'd suggest trying reikland (+some carroburg?) wash in the dirt/rubble patches rather than using the same mixture with agrax all over.

  4. I'd release a limited edition Emperor model and make my money and not care that most of them go to the scalpers. And probably get promoted by GW.

  5. I was just in the process of paying for my order when this happened...

  6. These shitposts are getting very abstract, but thank you, I do enjoy working at the bowling alley.

  7. Don't think they're Shadowkeepers - not known to exist at the time of HH, and colours don't match those used in 40k - more likely Warders of the Vaults of Rython, which are iron/black instead of gold/crimson.

  8. I'd... uh... also like to express my fondness for that particular period of

  9. At that size I think you're best using a hand drill aka "pin vise". They're all much of a muchness but Army Painter make a good one.

  10. I really like the gold what did you use to get that shade of gold

  11. Wow never heard that before / where did you hear it?

  12. Think he's assumed that from where Liber Imperium says "fewer than a handful of Telemon Dreadnoughts are to be found within the ranks of the Legio Custodes". That could literally mean around 3 Telemons exist, or it could mean active (LI does go on to mention that there are often empty Telemon sarcophagi), or it could simply be misinformation in a similar vein to how "the 10,000" might be a misleading number of how many Custodians there really are.

  13. 5 weeks left in the year. Knock out the rest of the heads and maybe something special for the last Thursday of December?

  14. Think it's from the Land Raider Excelsior kit. I believe they sell this at Warhammer World.

  15. How did custodes force get a new jetbike and terminator armour after HH?

  16. We don't know they didn't have this equipment during HH, just according to current rules it probably wasn't widely used.

  17. Well then we need to 1) find some 8ft-tall basketball players, 2) commission the building of some Custodes cosplay armour, 3) profit.

  18. That is absolutely amazing my friend. What pieces did you use, I must make a homage

  19. Looks like Alexis Polux's body and a breacher shield. Don't know about the head or flail.

  20. Did you also sand off the left should? If you did, what did you replace it with? If you didn't, how did you hide the toilet seat?

  21. I used the Allarus captain shoulder on my conversion, which is otherwise the exact same as the suggestion above, and it looks fine.

  22. Not hated, but most disappointing character for me is actually Konstantin Valdor. He doesn't seem to actually do anything, either during the War in the Webway or Siege of Terra, except occasionally turn up to a meeting and say something a bit daft.

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