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  1. Depends! Can you cook a steak medium rare over an open flame?

  2. I got California sober in Texas state jail years ago. Now ain’t that some shit

  3. Having a lot of good friends from TX, this doesn’t surprise me one bit 😂

  4. That lady should be charged with animal cruelty if she was riding a bike and making that dog keep up.

  5. I'm saying this as a man, knowing nothing of makeup. But I am sure you can use makeup to your advantage, to make you feel like you have a less masculine face. You are definitely not ugly, above average still.

  6. And now, for a limited time only, you’ll receive an extra, free of charge, just pay extra shipping and “handling”!

  7. I sat at a table for 11 hours yday just in hopes of getn back to even, which I almost did (fvck Omaha Variance). Now, today is ruined. I feel like crap, my wife is pissed bc I came home so late, idk where any of my kids are (and there’s several of them, we think), and I have this uncontrollable gas that is embarrassing that was caused by the food they served (private game), and now I have to go to work totally drained. Sometimes, less is more!

  8. Yeah I dont have the same life. But I can relate to this..

  9. Well, I hate to even say this, but it only takes one mistake 🤷‍♂️. Better get a plan and stick to it, we wanna see you at the tables, not hear about ya in an obituary. Rodney Dangerfield said it best, “always watch out for number 1, and don’t step in number 2!”. Prioritize my fellow degen, we all have to do it.

  10. See if they will allow you to roll in an old television projector and dim the lights when you’re in a hand so you can put it up on a vacant wall!

  11. Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug

  12. “He needed that”. Truer words have never been spoken.

  13. I think beauty is more than just a few pics. Even tho you are a beautiful young lady in appearance, Beauty is Personality, how well you care for the ppl in your Life. Your true inner self holds the Beauty. Don’t settle for anyone that doesn’t view you for your inward beauty as mush as the physical beauty. The last pic shows your truest beauty. No make up, nothing fancy, just “here I am”.

  14. Life has just begun. Enjoy, and don’t miss a second of it if possible.

  15. It means that he wants to love that person the most, if they’ll let him.

  16. RIP DOYLE. Make him proud, don't pussy out of a 3b pot, you're committed

  17. Won a couple of big pots yesterday with T2 in 1/3.

  18. You gotta admit tho, you know that shit feels good! 😂

  19. You change whenever you feel like changing. You don’t need permission, nor forgiveness.

  20. What a guy! Called his shot on the way out the door. What an incredible human being. He was put here to become a Hero, a Legend, and he succeeded. He ran the Race…and ran it well. Ole Dolly will never be forgotten. I can remember him when he was still walking around ok, wearing those big frame glasses, and shined like a new penny. He was a hero to some of us before some of you who read this were even born. Go Rest Easy Dolly, you’ve taught generations of humanity how to love and play the Game. My condolences to the family.

  21. 47 here. Roped and bulldogged on the wknd my whole life. About 40, things quit working like they should. My body can’t seem to recover from hard knocks and injuries the way it once did. Do yourself a favor and buy a rope or just enjoy watching your friends. You’ll get wrecked man, and it ain’t no fun.

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