1. Have crown authority 2 or higher, right click vassal, Revoke Title, select title to revoke

  2. Vanguard, Schwab, Fidelity are generally considered the best places to have a Roth IRA

  3. The Orioles as a team are currently on pace for 1,041 stolen bases this season.

  4. Mateo is currently on pace for 583 stolen bases for the season

  5. Bring back one-way fare gates in the busiest and most tourist heavy stations: Union Station, Metro Center, Gallery Place, Smithsonian, etc.

  6. They already do this at a lot of stations. Gallery Place comes to mind.

  7. I’ve never noticed at Gallery place but when I’m there it’s usually later at night, like 8pm or later so maybe it’s back to 2 way at that time

  8. “I should be jealous of the tower, she is more famous than I am” -Gustave Eiffel

  9. Mind boggling to think they went through all the trouble of building it when they only anticipated it to be temporary

  10. It really is. Glad it found a reason to continue on as a broadcast tower, it’s a marvel

  11. I think he would have been even more aggressive and successful in taking over the world. I mean pretty much first thing when his friend returns home he’s like “holy shit bro this is totally destiny, help me take over the world bro come on bro it’ll be awesome”

  12. Saw some stragglers as I was headed to the train! Looked fun

  13. FWIW you don’t actually need a CPA for your taxes, a CPA is the most expensive kind of accountant there is. You can probably just use a normal tax accountant

  14. Okay fair enough! I only said something because a lot of the time people think “CPA” and “accountant” are interchangeable terms. But you know your situation best

  15. Why not wait until your girlfriend is done her masters and get the apartment together? Then it goes from being half your normal non-bonus take home to a quarter of it.

  16. That’s what we are planning, I guess the planning part of me is thinking too much on it lol. I’ll get with her and see when she plans to search for new jobs down here, or if her current employer will allow her to work remotely.

  17. FWIW as well, pretty much the universal advice in this sub is to not buy a home with someone you aren’t married to, as it opens you up financially in some bad ways. I would definitely advise renting with her first, or you buy the house in your name only and she pays you rent

  18. For reference: had 2.7k of gold saved up, blown through in 20 years

  19. What raising levies in a big empire does to a mfer

  20. I didn’t realize for an embarrassingly long time that you can change the bus type by clicking on the image of the bus - you can select a double decker or something with more capacity then reduce the amount of buses.

  21. Tbf you couldn’t do that until pretty recently without a particular mod, like maybe a year ago at most. So you weren’t missing it for that long

  22. Do you remember the cuisine? Unfortunately, a lot of places didn’t survive the pandemic, so there’s a good chance it’s in the Great Beyond for restaurants.

  23. Basement bars were already in trouble and generally a dying breed even before the pandemic too

  24. Probably due to tunnel clearance on the NEC.

  25. Thankfully a lot of federal infrastructure $ is going to projects to deal with those NEC rail chokepoints

  26. I choose to believe he isn’t stupid, and it’s more of malicious compliance/weaponized incompetence type situation.

  27. It’s great that you’re thinking of your son, but don’t forget to use these funds for your own enjoyment and benefit in retirement!

  28. My best advice is to take is slow! The days are short but there’s no time limit in years.

  29. Yeah the thing I think we need more of in the area is honestly more commuter rail. Expand MARC and VRE to cover more places with better frequency and fewer stops

  30. Yeah if it wasn’t for IAD they never would have extended Metro that far. This is also why all those fantasy metro maps that do things like extend the Orange Line to Annapolis or the Green Line to Laurel, etc are totally bonkers. It’s just not appropriate for the subway and should be handled by moderate frequency but much faster regional rail as you said.

  31. Hands down it’s people who are operating their phone on speaker mode. Be it a call, watching tik toks, whatever. Don’t subject the entire car to whatever you want to do.

  32. Statue of Endless Fortune, you can get it from somewhere after you repair the bus, but there is a person blocking the door until you do some certain tasks

  33. It’s a loved gift for someone whose birthday is today. Tbh don’t know who that is off hand but it’s trying to help you out

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