1. It really is a nothingburger because they are just trying to see what mutations could COVID develop in the future to make better vaccines.

  2. Its almost like a function that was gained or something... definitely not to be confused with gain of function. Its funny that it was unbanned in 2018 and when covid hits in 2019 its pikachu face.

  3. Make it so only honosexuals are allowed to rate except in order to get rated you can only submit 1 mug shot with no make-up.

  4. As someone who is new to 3d printing, it's so fucking hard to know who to listen to and what's true! I read a comment yesterday that said the exact opposite to this, it said IPA just pushes the grease around. Why is there always such conflicting opinions?

  5. Dont listen to these guys. ISO PROPYL ALCOHOL is an ionic dissinfectant. Soap like regular dish soap is a nonionic surfactant and coagulant. In chemistry speak, this just means "like attracts like" where IPA has a net charge and soap does not to attract specific substances.

  6. Soap does attack oil and cause coagulation to occur, however that can be a negative in something that is not being actively rinsed. Also, the soap itself is nonvolatile so if will dry out and stay on the surface if you let it. If you are simply going to wipe off something than IPA is the better choice. It acts only as a solvent moving the contaminates into your wipe and then rapidly and completely dries.

  7. IPA doesnt attract grease/oils as good as you think it does. Next time you get your hands dirty with grease, try washing it with IPA and see how hard it is to remove.

  8. I think anyone who knows they have a fear of heights wouldn't go there.

  9. I am terrified of heights and ive done this. I think this is Zhumadian, China. Lots of people come to china for this crazy shit and you feel way better afterward.

  10. There is no momentum in the cube, but only in the portals. Once the cube has passed through it would still have the same momentum (0).

  11. Lets assume the second portal is also moving faster than acceleration of gravity. By your rationality, the cube wont exit which doesnt make sense. Frames of reference matter.

  12. You are confusing lib left with auth left. It doesnt make sense for lib-left to want to be engaging with centralized agencies. Thats an auth left sort of thing.

  13. Because nobody has ever accepted a job with an employer whose political ideology is at odds with their own…

  14. Except the image showed the other side wondering why they were there. It would make no sense to assume that lib left was co fused as to why an auth right wanted to work in an authoritarian place.

  15. It happened, there just weren’t videos. Mental Illness is not a new phenomenon.

  16. Not a new phenomenon but trying to act as stupid as you can to get clout is relatively new. If someone would have done this 100 years ago they would probably have been killed or sent to an asylum. Even 50 years ago it would have made the news as "a deeply disturbed young man becomes insane at workplace, starved for attention". Now its just "funny haha guy did a woopsie on his bussie wussie for internet claps"


  18. Other than it not loading this fast, infinite scroll wasnt invented until mid 2000s.

  19. Why cant you just link the portion that you found interesting rather than a whole feature length film... put this shit onto the documentaries subreddit.

  20. Why can't you just watch the whole thing and maybe get some education?

  21. Your comment alone has inspired me to watch this whole 2 hour movie. I will go ahead and leave this comment as a placeholder for us to critically analyze this movie as us fellow educated gentle sirs demand. Dont worry, I wont forget you mr

  22. Has she published or cited any papers that show a causal link between porn and negative outcomes? The best I’ve seen is correlations which are not at all strong enough for such radical claims as seen in the OP. Also you are literally using an appeal to authority, being a researcher doesn’t automatically make all of your theories right, you need to prove them with evidence. This is even more true when the issue is heavily contested within your own field at all levels ranging from research methods to broader theories.

  23. No just 1 citation pls literally anything.

  24. That’s a clever idea. I wonder if those retractable ID badge holders could work?

  25. Iran is an example of why religion and the state should stay separate

  26. Iran was fine until the CIA got fucking handsy and basically gave power to Khomeini. The problem here wasnt religion, it was instability that the CIA propogated.

  27. I mean.... what they were saying isnt wrong inherently... other than the christian nationalists thats just stupid. To my understanding, the only law that suggests this separation is that the government cant make a law that affects any particular religion. Its what was called out when covid hit and people wanted to go to church.

  28. Auth center cuz I want to make sure elite people maintain control because most people are fucking idiots.

  29. We don't live in a system where the elites got their powe by merit they usually inherited it. Most "elites" are regular idiots who have more resources than most other idiots.

  30. What I find funny is that all the people who responded to my post assumed i correlated elite with wealth. If you look up the definition of elite, it means

  31. The last one of casper is a giveaway that its probably not done this way. Either it was erased/remade entirely or he is lying about how its done for internet points

  32. This is a message that I am copy pasting to all of the remaining replies.

  33. You dont have to copy paste this for me sweetie. Just as long as we have the understanding that you are not 100% until you listen to this song

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