1. Looking at the deck right now, I’d say you can probably take out the Oranguru, 1 of the Miltank, Cheryl and Boss Order to fit in a 2-2 line-up of Ponyta and Rapidash. 1-2 Serena might work better than running a full playset of Marnie, Marnie is fine, but Serena also helps with discarding your Energy cards while also be a pseudo Boss Order in late game. Look up on Allister if Serena doesn’t work well for you.

  2. You flip this card over once you have used a Vstar move.

  3. I'm begging Criterion for a NFS Legends or Heroes Update because it doesn't make sense why we can't get the M3 GTR in story mode but we can drive it. Same with the Mantis bodykits hidden

  4. They want to get EA play so you can use the m3 online.

  5. I’m maxed out so I’d rather not tbh would prefer bobbles or something like that if possible

  6. Don't have alot of bobbles preference on Weapons?

  7. Sorry don't really have time to make a trade now the other offer you got looks decent good luck

  8. Join the discord best place for game up dates they have posted announcement that there servers decided to drop will be back shortly.

  9. If you use shredder at melee range with Ammo do you do more damage?

  10. Oh nice thanks was wondering if the melee damage stacks with ranged damage.

  11. It’s 1 out 2376 to get the perfect roll between all the effects..I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do a perfect roll just the fact you have the desired two is still amazing odds .

  12. np, im working, so ill be around within a few minutes

  13. +karma cheers that was weird is that a new bug?

  14. Lol have a 7month break and all sorts of bugs get added haha

  15. What sort of thing would you like for it any ideas preference I have alot more things then that list

  16. I don't have a specific trade I'm looking for but it has a good of value to me so I'm looking for something else that I value as much. Do you have any bloodied vhc gauss?

  17. Sure,i gotta get home too i'll let you know, you want the gauss or the BA?

  18. I'm not home for quite a while so go with the other offer

  19. I can do this but at work lmk if you get no offers later today

  20. I'm sorry, was a little distracted... I can't join you but are at my private world right now.

  21. Cool just in a daily ops will add you after psn is xxjennyxxa 👍

  22. I don't have any of the alien plans i learned them all

  23. I don't want that much for that armour piece if I can find it you can have it

  24. What kind of stuff are you looking to get for the Unyielding ap fdc robot chest?

  25. Sorry I forgot someone wanted that the other day and I couldn't find it at all sorry I will remove that from my list

  26. I'm interested if you're looking to sell but I'm not sure the value hopefully people can help

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