1. 😂 hey man, yeah I constantly talk on there

  2. I want one actually lmao i think you can make them look pretty cool

  3. Too much edits, so I cant really tell how good

  4. Too bad you can’t really see the car at all lmao

  5. Well i made myn into a project car out of the lot, you have to plan it out well and know what the end goal is you dont want to spend the money twice better to buy and over build then buy it again unfortunately out parts in the after market are going up month over month examples like morimoto lights or a full tomei exhaust can cost more than some people full “build” list

  6. Well i have a 91’ Hardbody and the thing will not die and i have a 14’ FBO 370z fismo and its not the fastest on the planet but its definitely enough to kill you and some more 😂but i love the two cars

  7. No idea what coolant hoes it is but i do love the pointer💀💀

  8. In germany you are obligated to have daytime running lights if your car comes with one from factory. There are also rules how bright these things have to be at which position from the ground, inbetween etc. And they need have a "RL" number so you can look them up and many more fun stuff here in germany.

  9. Horrible couldnt imagine being a car enthusiast in Europe😤😤

  10. 15-17k i got my 14’ Z “sport” in a dealer btw for 17.8k with 52k miles so me seeing these crazy prices now days thanking god I got it when i did

  11. Should’ve marked this post NSFW with all this car porn up in here.

  12. Dk why I got downvoted, just seeing if they were because I've never seen them look that good on these cars. Thanks for your response though!

  13. Who would down vote a question smh, but thanks i was going for the black or sbc rpf1s or some black or silver TE37s

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