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  1. Yes. There was a TWAB (can’t remember which) where they announced their philosophy behind ritual weapons and they straight up said Salvo breaks their own rules but they’re just gonna let it be because they don’t think it’s broken as a weapon.

  2. There’s plenty of ambitious assassin weapons that are just cracked but not over powered by any means. It is definitely the best ritual weapon but there’s the craftable forbearance that can get a similar roll. Granted it’s a wave frame and has to be used differently but it’s still very very strong.

  3. There are plenty now, but when Salvagers came out, there wasn’t.

  4. I agree. Robin, like a lot of women/people seemed to usually appreciate the attention. Sometimes she loved the grand gestures (Merry Christmas, Robin), and sometimes they overwhelmed her (a string quartet in my apartment?!). Both are valid. But on a personal day to day basis, she's shown she just doesn't like Ted like that. I feel like the same can be said for Ted. Why is he so infatuated with her, anyway? She doesn't share any of his interests. Why couldn't they just be great friends? She's beautiful and funny and.... What else? She has nothing he desires in a woman. The fact that they HAD to be endgame because they recorded the finale eight years early feels super obvious, and I don't even think that was necessary. Why not have the kids shoot a few different shots in the beginning? "That's how you met mom?? Wow, mom, is that true?" "Dad, we knew that already" or something. They even could've brought them back older much like they did for the promo as a joke of "WE'VE BEEN LISTENING TO THIS STORY FOR EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!" The ending just ain't it for me!!!

  5. That’s the other thing! Even if we forget Robins inexplicable interest in Ted, Ted has absolutely zero reason to be so infatuated with Robin which is what tells you right there it’s an obsession and he wasn’t actually in love with her, he was in love with the idea of her. She literally checks zero of his boxes. She has zero of the characteristics that he wanted. In the end the message of the show ends up being “the heart wants what the heart wants” which possible the most unrealistic and nauseatingly romantic idea they could have ended on

  6. I'm excited that you're so excited that we're so excited lol. Because yes. That ending just wasn't cute to me. I was already getting sad by season 8. Most people love Time Travellers and I do not. Because it shows how this man who just wants to be in love is almost 40 and still has no one while everyone in his friend group does. That's a sad feeling. If we're going for realistic, we might as well have let him ride that out and learn true love didn't exist the way he imagined it. But no. Let's give him his perfect match. Kill her. Then give him his grade-school like crush. I can continue to rant for awhile but yes, I hate the ending lol

  7. That’s the real tragedy of the ending in my opinion. It’s not Tracy dying, it’s not Barney and Robins divorce. It’s the fact that after everything he has gone through, Ted end up again pursuing a woman who fundamentally is not what he wanted and does not love him. And he did not deserve that. We all love Ted. He’s such a pansy and hopeless romantic but we all relate to him to a certain degree. We all wanted him to be happy and he deserved someone who appreciated him for who he was and that wasn’t Robin. She liked him and liked the attention she got from him but she did not love him. Teds story ends again in the relentless hopelessly romantic pursuit of this woman who he has tried so hard to let go of. He deserved so much better than that.

  8. This is what it was like flying into Mexico City the first time. You drop down out of the clouds and are looking for the city until you realize everything you can see beneath you stretching out beyond the horizon is the city. It’s massive

  9. Jesse is the only one who actually gets a happy ending. Walts family is screwed. They will live in the shadow of his disgrace for the rest of their lives. But Jesse got a fresh start. He gets to walk away and be someone new

  10. It was a salvaged ending. Nothing's really happy about it. He lost everything and everyone and is now a wanted fugitive for the rest of his life. His journey led him to becoming a killer and ruining many lives directly or indirectly. He got no money in the end that made it worth it plus now he has to live in fucking Alaska. You can consider it a happy ending compared to everyone else however in general nah. Everything he struggled for was for nothing and he simply ended up surviving it.

  11. He got the happiest ending of any main character. Walts families lives are indefinitely ruined. Marie will likely spend the rest of her life bitter and angry at Walt and Skylar. Jesse at least can put it behind him

  12. Something is definitely bugged with his health. I use Arbalest to take gaze and still do more damage than some people in the pit with him

  13. Why not look them up? They are essential to understanding what the scene was really about. Up to you though.

  14. I have a satisfactory explanation of the ending and their relationship. You have posited a different theory. The burden would be on you to substantiate it. Simply saying “look it up” isn’t how that works. But again, it doesn’t appear that we are going to agree or have any influence on each other’s opinions. I’m guessing we both probably like the show for vastly different reasons. That’s okay though. I’ve enjoyed talking to you and while I disagree, I respect your opinion. You have a nice day

  15. No, I explained what I was talking about and invited you to check independently. Everything I wrote is rock solid and substantiated but you're welcome to interpret to your heart's content.

  16. I understand your arguments. I am not going to fact check you. Your interpretation is as valid as any other but I disagree with your conclusion.

  17. Robin freaked out because she thought Ted wanted to marry her, and by the middle of the next season she freaked out because Ted DIDN'T want to marry her. The fact that they were fighting when she moved in is something all new roomies do. Barney and Robin also fought. Barney would simply leave and Robin would strip.

  18. So she freaks out while with Ted and then again when she’s not with Ted and both themes about marriage. That’s not love that’s obsession. That someone who can’t make up their mind.

  19. Not obsession. She was miserable without Ted and decided she did want to marry him after all. She told Ted just that what they had wasn't over, just as he was about to marry Stella. She learned her lesson after staying quiet about Victoria.

  20. What you are describing is obsession and a toxic relationship. Robin only ever comes to this fantastic realize that she loves Ted when he is showing interest in another woman.

  21. It wasn’t nerfed, it was fixed. It was doing way more damage than intended. It appears this is how they intended for it to work and frankly it’s terrible, especially since Insurmountable Skullfort refunds melee fully with getting a kill so if you want to spam melees then you shout just use that and HOIL just allows you to spam abilities so you can spam storm grenades and melees that both deal extra damage

  22. Yeah I’ve been using Skullfort all this season and only got these today

  23. Warlocks getting healing abilities? How absurd! Why would warlocks get healing abilities? What about the warlock power fantasy would make warlocks think they should get healing abilities???

  24. I do not follow how the roll i presented is still situational at best in your choice of words when its designed to hit every type of sheild and break it nearly instantly, i know you and alot of the community rely on incandescent but its mostly only good if you build around it in solar 3.0, outside of that as a perk on its own, its pretty weak a very meager firefly

  25. It’s situational at best because first you have to be in combat long enough for frenzy to activate. Second you have to be in GMs with shields that don’t match solar to get adaptive munitions to proc. Then there’s the issue of actual usefulness. Personally I think le Monarque or Arbalest is just better for taking off shields. Lemon chunks damage on shields, Arbalest is gonna pop a shield in one shot compared to this that will still use more ammo than arby. The only situational requirement for the incandescent roll to be good is for the champion or shielded enemy to be surrounded by adds so the scorched stacks add up quickly and ignite.

  26. Bro, then you obviously didnt run triple outbreak last season, 3 man outbreak, actually outruns the marathon by miles against arbalist, and additionally as i found out, because of how outbreak works, since now super regen is damage based, when you get the max damage stacks of outbreak your super regen is through the roof faster then anything in the game almost

  27. So it takes the entire fire team to do something better than one person running Arbalest? Sorry man but that’s not better.

  28. It’s real. Every single adult in their thirties finds themselves at some point feeling very alone. It’s very visceral and uncomfortable but it’s real

  29. I just joined the sub after having watched it only once years ago and I wasn’t really bothered by the finale so I didn’t realize it was that big a deal to everyone

  30. It’s just ranked among many sources as the worst sitcom finale of all time so yeah people are still talking about it

  31. Hopefully he meets a girl with a yellow umbrella at the train station. And then she dies so he can go bang the chick from the wedding

  32. Jack White is IMO one of the rare true artist who actually understands the classics. Y’all need to check out his album he produced for Neil Young. Neil covers Girl from North Country and it just breaks my heart listening to it

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