1. if it does that periodically and it's starting and stopping like that, it seems likely it's a motor-related issue. I'm currently fixing a cheap stereo and the motor is kinda doing the same thing.

  2. I wonder what was going through the teacher's head while they were grading this sheet, because Sodium and a couple of other elements are literally unchecked, even tho it's correct.

  3. I don’t think I was the host for your particular game (but anything is possible ig!) and I will say, I got a poor engineer voted out bc I swore I had turned off engineer role. Oops. Sorry. As for banning, keep in mind that TOH is glitchy and ppl often get disconnected, so it might not be banning. I got kicked from my own lobby today :(

  4. I was banned mid game for calling out host for being imp, as a crewmate. I was bait. Lol.

  5. Just the fact you can ban people MID GAME alone is why this mod needs to be banned from the game. It just ruins the gameplay experience.

  6. These mods are getting annoying. I now play the game only when my friends do because every lobby i join is modded. And when i host a public lobby, people always write "/n r" and i just kick them from the lobby

  7. You opinion, but it makes it unfair for me, especially when there is a kill log or something being displayed, meaning the host always knows who is the imposter. I don't play mods so I'm not sure tho.

  8. Kill log is shared after a round ends. Host can’t see roles during game, but I have read something abt the possibility of hosts selecting themselves as imp before a game starts

  9. This just happened to me in a server where I was moderator. I got demoted for defending a friend of mine who got wrongly banned over a Minecraft game, and the last remaining mod full on attacked me, spanning hundreds of messages, in this way, till he banned me from the server, that I helped run for months.

  10. most of these still happen to me and also my friends. you can indeed get killed while venting and it will send the imposter and your body through the vent to the room you vented to.

  11. round visors are better. square visors make the imposter a sussy death machine who is a danger to everyone and will defeat you

  12. Ok, since I like the fact that I see a friend of mine in this drawing (Frost), can you draw me too pls? I used to be in the innersloth server too but I got banned. I'm orange, with leaf, and I wear a purple jacket, oh and the Nug is my pet.

  13. i just bought the redmi note 11 pro+ 5g (indian version imported from india) because it was cheap as my Note 10 Lite died a sudden death (not powering on or charging), I didn't have much money, and other potential alternatives, and yes, including some samsung phones, didn't have satisfactory specifications or value for money. Its a shame that it uses the SD695 as the image processing is subpar while everything else exceeded my expectations. This is the one case where a phone is unfortunately held back by its own processor. Qualcomm had no excuse to not include 4k video recording, when the older and weaker 730g in my xiaomi note 10 lite perfectly supported 4k and 1080p60 video. I hope my next phone will be a Xiaomi with a better processor.

  14. my redmi note 11 pro 5g still has no android 12 update. it's a joke. Edit: ok it is here finally

  15. my redmi note 11 pro+ 5g did get the android 12 update but erm I still dont have 60fps camera and 4k video.

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