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  1. Looked at your profile, very professional, yet casual! I like it! I wish you all the best!

  2. You linked some random girl called yukiime lol

  3. Had to remove the link cause it was not working oof

  4. There was nothing nurse related about this....

  5. Scrubs :) I am using them Just pulled my shirt up The pants are down so you can have a nice view ;)

  6. Well, I don’t know how that would affect the subreddit taken we also like to show outfits we wear cause in the end we are just people too ✨ and creating a new account with no 18+ stuff is hard because grinding karma again.

  7. Didn’t see it that way but I can see why! :D

  8. Holy hell.. You're perfect.. pretty face, perfect tits.. amazing thighs.. I wish I was right in between them x

  9. Me and @CrystallyVT are live on Twitch! $2 - Hydrate $5 - 1 squat $10 - Drink a shot $50 - 5 mins ASMR no laughing (we laugh, we drink a shot) $100 - we kiss 👀

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