1. That bats the whole point of bridget then as well.... the reason bridget dressed up was because male twins were considered bad due to the superstition. It wouldnt make sense for them both to pretend to be female...

  2. I would say its nothing particularly weird but i cant imagine being so desperate (not the right word but i cant think of the right one) as to do it before a presentation. I usually only try to get a pump like that if im going to go swimming.

  3. They aren't always swelled up like that. This guy has a full ass belly of dog blood. They almost look like a spider when their bellies are empty, and they are hard to kill. I usually have to use my fingernail to smash them on something hard to kill them.

  4. the reason they resemble spiders is in part due to them being arachnids as well!

  5. Druggies coping and seething about how safe for consumption their drugs are is the funniest shit you can find on the internet. Fuckin pillbillies.

  6. Its crazy how for drug use people on reddit are. Any post slightly criticizing weed gets bombed by people telling how weed is actually a miracle drug and not bad at all. Its almost comical. Dont even get me started on the "my body my choice so all drugs should be legal" people...

  7. Sherlock being ridiculously smart and deductive is literally the point of the show

  8. but the show takes to a near-magical extent, which breaks the whole point of a smart character.

  9. Psych is the best Sherlock Holmes show imo. It's okay for the characters to have an insane level of intuition or observational skills. You just need to show the audience what clues are being picked up by the character, so the audience can guess along, and come to their own conclusion, even if there is a twist that changes everything. It's generally poor writing to give a POV character new information while leaving the audience in the dark.

  10. My man! ive watchd all 8 seasons of Psych at least 4 times each! its gotten me through so many surgeries and illnesses. Its so entertaining and the mysteries are done pretty well.

  11. I can see why people would say that due to your pronounced definition due to your leaness but you dont look huge. Crazy physique but i would say its probably natural.

  12. Incredible, Order sol is my +r main.

  13. Just took that kid from the parent like it wasn't a request...

  14. Im certain thats a thing, offering your kid to be blessed by the pope that is. Thats why they were holding the baby so far out.

  15. This is not a spider but a solifugid.

  16. While the jokes about you dying any second now are funny and all, if you are not noticing any side effects now you are fine. Two cycles isnt much and most of the issues come from prolonged usage.

  17. Im a tarantula keeper and i can say that is a somewhat more common experience ive noticed. Many people feel like the larger tarantulas have more of an "animal" presence as opposed to "bug" (bugs are animals by the way but you get the point)

  18. Even among humans variation exists. Bodybuilders are stronger than the average person but a strongman with less muscle mass should be stronger despite being smaller (differs based on the training and professional bodybuilders are still hella strong they just wont be winning all the strongman competitions)

  19. There is a couple different methods, Ill talk about the ones im familiar with but many more exist.

  20. No, i know of plenty of people that learned to do a backflip at age 45 and some went beyond that. Its obviously going to go better if you are in shape or even better young and in shape but as long as you try hard enough you can do it!

  21. he said he was above average at dodgeball not at spelling.

  22. A lot of religion is about faith in your religion, so you would have faith that your religion is true. This can be applied to any concept though where people hold belief towards something.

  23. to be fair a lot of stunts you can barely tell whats happening in real time. This man gets some serious height so im sure you could see whats happening.

  24. Of course. I’m just saying show the real-time sometime….or at least once so we get the sense of how fast it all happens and the reaction time required

  25. true. The best would be a normal take first and then a slo mo one.

  26. How do they decide who wins? I’m no dancer but they all dance so well.

  27. there are judges that kind of have their own criteria and standards (although there is sometimes some regulations based on the event itself) but it can be things like difficulty, fluidity, creativity, overall how good it looks etc

  28. Imagine thinking you have a spider problem that turns out to be a snake problem that’s true horror

  29. the funny thing is both a spider and a snake problem are usually caused by having a lot of pests around your house that they are eating.

  30. I wonder if the men's record is faster or slower. Yeah guys will be stronger but they also have more body weight in general.

  31. On the subject of more bodyweight: while men are generally heavier they can have a better ratio of strength to the weight they have compared to women.

  32. Looks like a tegu. Can be fantastic pets. They are pretty intelligent as well.

  33. Absolutely. Tegus and monitor lizards are extremely intelligent, some are speculated to have intelligence close to dogs (or even surpassing in some cases).

  34. I remember this one guy saying they are better than dogs in nearly every category (ease of care, food, intelligence, price, interaction to a certain degree, etc) but it does come down to preference.

  35. That was what caught my attention after seeing them do a sol combo in a clip i was curious i went to the stream unmuted it and was like "oh... that makes sense"

  36. That cane looks like assistance to me, but hey good for him!

  37. he probably had the ability to walk a few steps without it.

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