1. I don't get it. Could you please post some more pictures?

  2. I have so many stickers from manga. German publishers love to put stuff like this in first prints.

  3. 2 weeks early? The official release date was the 23th January.

  4. Japanese soundwords are most of the time not translateable. So a translator has to interpret it in its own way. Looks like "brr" is the better interpretation.

  5. I'm jealous lol I wish there was an english version of this (is there?)

  6. Those look like pictures from the German box set

  7. But like 500 times cheaper and with the english logo. The German box is thick!

  8. Do you have the latest firmware installed on your soundbar (and TV)?

  9. Yes. Looks like the problem only exist when Spacefit and/or Voice amplification (I hope that's the correct English word for it) are enabled. It looks like the soundbar is too overloaded with it.

  10. I want to pick up all 3 hardcovers but right now I can't afford to. I just hope they stay in print because of egmonts reputation.

  11. Yeah, releasing 3 hardcover manga at the same time was a stupid idea. Expansive month. 😔

  12. Oh nice, I didn't know there was a Yona fan book. Since it's Tokyopop, it must have released quite some time ago, right? Up to what point in the story does it cover?

  13. It's part of the Volume 36 Collector's Edition, the release is brand new.

  14. Any English language European publishers that may do this? I’d almost be willing to import them if they are nicer.

  15. It actually is smaller. Germany and France are the largest manga consumers outside of Japan itself.

  16. France is correct, but not Germany. Germany has a fast growing manga market, but we are still very small. I terms of title range, Italy and Spain are bigger. You shouldn't forget the Asian market either. Manga is also big in Korea and China.

  17. What is this? Manga for ants?! they look really small in the first pic

  18. Regular big size format like the Junji Ito hardcover.

  19. I mean... TOKYOPOP Germany created the Death Note Black Edition and other countries got the rights for the design. It's the same with the Spanish Jojo release. A lot of countries used their design, Germany included.

  20. What country is this? A few of these versions I don't see in the states. Great collection btw, love the ongoing graphic for Knights of Sidonia spines. The states did not get that version!

  21. Are you able to buy the slip case separately from the manga itself?

  22. The slipcases were bound with volumes 9 and 18.

  23. Very nice! Barakamon is one of my favourite series!

  24. Wait, out of curiosity, is it edited by Hachette? Because an identical edition has been announced in Italy this week

  25. Don't be! They have different designs, the spanish goes for a simple one while the german has more details. I showed the german one in a spanish group and most people liked it better (I prefer the spanish one too, but it dependes on the person, still, both look great anyways =)

  26. I mean, the image and logo are the same. It's like they got the spanish design and changed some visual aspects. ^^

  27. Do you have a Link, I can’t find anything in the Webshop

  28. You will receive it automatically when you buy something.

  29. German Tokyopop does. German Tokyopop is like an alternate timeline Tokyopop. Basically what happens when a publisher isn't led by a manchild trying to impress teenage cosplayers with his mangled anime soundtracks. Just a manga publisher doing manga publisher stuff.

  30. Sadly said manchild also effected the German TOKYOPOP branch. He's still the CEO. And since Jo Kaps left the company, German TOKYOPOP isn't the same anymore. Boring licenses, few reprints, slow release rhythms. It's a shame. :/

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