1. Just a warning about the grace radio. I have an older Mondo and it's great but a few years ago the Reciva service the radio uses shut down. That means I can no longer add new streams to the radio. All my previously saved stations still work but when the URLs eventually go down it becomes an alarm clock. I have no idea if the newer radios are more future proof but I've decided to stick with my phone and a nice Bluetooth speaker for now.

  2. Thank you! We would go with phone as well, but we have to keep screens out of her room or she will stay up all night! :)

  3. this is like the 5th creator ive seen to be a bad person. i always have a case of skepticism with these situations, because theres the nth chance their innocent, but its just disappointing. i found TMM and made it easily one of my favorite things i've seen, so i really hope there's a positive. but, im disappointed in alex.

  4. There is unfortunately not a lot of (credible? official?) resources on comorbidities.

  5. Thank you for this recommendation. I will check it out. It's also helpful to know that there just isn't a lot of credible information out there, that it's not just me overlooking it.

  6. It’s quite clear that those different diagnoses don’t correspond to distinct neurobiological conditions. For example, there are at least 2 neurobiologically different forms of ADHD: a form that responds to stimulant medication and a form that doesn’t respond to stimulant medication.

  7. Thank you for your extremely articulate response. You have no idea how helpful it is to me.

  8. Dr Russell Barkley has his lectures on YouTube. Look him up.

  9. I just looked him up an there are he comes up A lot. Is there a particular video you recommend starting with? Or are they all pretty good?

  10. I would say the candy to diamond exchange rate is pretty bad. I think most 5K+ candy items are worth more than 5K diamonds in trade. But that’s just my opinion. You could also let your candies roll over until next Halloween. That’s what I did and I was so glad I did!

  11. true! But it pretty much depends how much candies u have, 20k candies converted is 60k and it sounds like a pretty good deal to some people^^

  12. I guess you are right! I bought some extra items last year and ended up selling them because people kept offering a lot for them. But there are fewer new items this year, so might be risky.

  13. I'm kangaroo_girl0, I've sent you request

  14. hi, im not very good with values so could you make an offer?:)

  15. Thank you so much! You have insane amount of patience to help people like me! You are AMAZING!!! 🎃🎃🎃

  16. No it never happened. A family disturbance occurred.

  17. websites will probably have it, also i believe channel 4 has an app that can be used in the us

  18. I am trying to register with All 4 to download app, but it keeps rejecting any address I type in.

  19. Use a VPN and go on channel four’s website, or pirate it and find other ways to give money to the creators (eg merch)

  20. I have my VPN set to London, I changed my clock to London time. and I have filled out registration for the All 4 app up to where you enter an address. I have tried several London addresses and they get rejected. Do I have to have a name that matched the address? Or is there something else I am doing wrong? Thank you!

  21. Link to short story “Speech Sounds” by Octavia Butler:

  22. It will be public soon enough! - I have a few more plans and additions, but I totally plan to make it public so people can copy it to their Google Drive for use... I see AI like MidJourney to be all about the collective creative hivemind, so tools like this should be public as well.

  23. You want a bell shaped one normally for this, but honestly, it doesn't matter as much as the skirt section itself. Hers is bulb shapped, which is done by having the bottom hem and the top, smaller in diameter than the rest. So basically, you take a rectangle, and gather the top and bottom to be less wide open. I'd say if you HAVE to pick between those 2 petticoats, the first one might be better, as it's got more poof to it, even though it's not actually bell shaped, because the poof of it will help make the skirt section bulb out more.

  24. Thank you so much! Your detailed advice is super helpful! :)

  25. I am happy to supply said children with guns, knives, and nunchucks. Just let me know.

  26. I have never had a refund without a dispute. Unfortunately, sellers are often dishonest (at least based on my experiences). I would highly recommend you open dispute.

  27. Glad you like them, I post my best generations on insta if you're interested

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