1. There is still no advantage to going into finals from upper bracket other than not having to play lower, right? Like at any point in the tournament it's double elimination except if you win all your games straight into the finals.

  2. Other than having more time for vod reviewing enemy teams and more rest? Nothing

  3. After his loss, Ricky stays up deep into the night. As the rest of Cheese sleeps, he opens up a new window to check his PayPal. A smile stretches across his face

  4. Should frost mages be using primordial stones at all?

  5. Having them not one-shottable by healers isn't a good thing

  6. Idk if you’re new here but before mods added the rule to not complain about pugs and affixes, every weekly thread during explosive weeks was full of healers complaining about explosives.

  7. This was a good write up. I wish I felt more encouraged. I’m a 2889 warlock, and have failed 25 keys straight. Why?

  8. BM right now it's a B tier according to the subcreation but Blizzard have to nerf it because it's so strong that actually "all groups have one", ups, something doesn't add up.

  9. Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest star in the world and she shows up on time (to the minute) and performs 44 songs a night for over three hours.

  10. Hey, what do you mean? This is Premade Group Finder? :)

  11. Sorry, I meant Premade Groups Filter lol. Looking at your video Premade Groups Filter does the same as your addon

  12. Right, if you like that addon you can stick with it ofc but this has more functionality as you saw in the video and at least personally I find the UX a lot more compelling.

  13. Geringverdiener… deshalb gehe ich nur im Rewe einkaufen

  14. Das ist so generell formuliert schlicht falsch. Sorry.

  15. Pestilent stone absolutely fucks in AoE situations now

  16. you sure? seems complete garbage tbh. just tested on my shadow alt in a no +23, fully upgraded and it did 1.5% of my damage. Storm Infused Stone did 2.5%

  17. Nah dude, you're not doomer. You're serious. Blizz was on the good turn for DF, but this stuff is returning to their questionable form that a lot of us were upset about. It's scary.

  18. You're free to think what you like, but it's incredibly frustrating to pay a subscription to a game where you have to switch off of your favorite classes because the sets are so indescribably terrible. Next thing you know you're trying to justify wearing 2 pieces only, they release some infuriating grind, and Season 3 gets delayed. Bam we are right back to unfun WoW again. It's reasonable to be worried when this has been typical Blizz for quite a while now.

  19. I don’t really think it’s OP if it requires a Spriest AND a huge pull with many, many mobs with a larger focus target. It’s just cheese.

  20. It doesn’t need PI though. Check recent vods of imfiredup

  21. It is bizarre. Mage hasn't gotten anything other than % tuning since beta. Arcane is a brittle, button bloated spec riddled with bugs, Frost has once again (again) devolved into a never cast ice lance build, and Fire has a single talent build that is never changed. The class is average to bad in raid, average to bad in m plus. I guess fire is alright in specifically mdi keys?

  22. Fire is insane and sleeper OP in m+ especially if you play spriest and fire mage. Just watch some of wildis recent vods

  23. First, mistakes are stochastic and happen to all of us. Second, once you hit your rating plateau, you earn ratings through actual improvement, which happens through failure. Complaints about how people are "carried by gear" or "bought boosts" are pointless copium. Vent if you must, but there's no need to talk down to the people in your own skill bracket. They are your literal peers.

  24. That place is going to be an absolute cancer on both tyrannical and fortified keys as predicted.

  25. Are you talking about prenerf RLP? Because right now ruby is one of the easier dungeons.

  26. Nah, pandas are a problem only without dispels and they aren't the only skippable trash. If youcare about the timer you shouldn't be skipping pandas but the big infector after 2nd boss. I do mostly +23 keys and pandas are chill as long as dispellers don't sleep. Infector however takes way too long and is horrible on sanguine or bolstering. The only time I'd feel pandas are worse is unlucky raging, but that can also just be a skill issue with soothe dispels while infestor is never a skill issue you just waste time ST a mob with 0 CDs after boss that you can't chain into anything other than 2 other smaller mobs in a pug.

  27. Thats simply wrong - i mean yea it takes long but you can for sure chain it into the patrol on the way down and afterwards into the 3 guys aka first group in the 3. boss room.

  28. Man, I've done like 30 +22 temples, I have never wiped pandas. Never, if a wipe ever happens to trash it's double packing some of the trash wrongly in 3rd boss room or last pack.

  29. has nothing to do with wiping. pandas give 10 count combined while having more hp than the infester. infester almost gives double the count of those pandas lol

  30. I know this is not an original opinion but holy shit the Last Stand format is so much more fun to watch.

  31. I thought it was boring to watch tbh. This felt like watching team's practice trying to get that one risky pull right. Group stage required a lot more skill because 1 mistake can cost you the series. Consistency is key!

  32. Ok, I list my +12 and get a total of 2 shitty applicants in 2 hours, because people only sign up for +2s for valor or +20s for vault. How are you supposed to play alts?

  33. Put bonus valor in the title regardless of key level lol. After a while I usually had overgeared 4 man premades sign up. Then push your key to 16 and invite good players on alts that need concentrated primal focus. Avoid players that need 16s for io this late into the season.

  34. I agree. Generally it's weakauras, details and plater and the skinning addons like masque causing performance issues. I didn't do much extensive tests but details with with low update interval and too many segments saved uses considerably higher memory then alternative addons. Plater is also somewhat very heavy relative to ElvUI's own nameplate module. I also wanna test if there is any difference between having unloaded WAs vs not having them at all.

  35. Yeah I was surprised that elvui nameplates are better for performance. Sadly they’re not as customizable as plater though. I highly recommend this addon by one of the elvui devs to clear your addon cache from time to time.

  36. spotify doesn’t have a classical app at all. since when is not offering a service better than offering a service without downloads?

  37. Okay this is most likely bait but I’ll bite. Do we really have to discuss why releasing unfinished products is a bad idea?

  38. the reason there is a separate app is because the metadata behind classical music is very different, and wouldnt fit in a regular music app. if you dont want that you can still listen to classical music in the default apple music app, just like how it works with spotify. also do you really want everything together in one app? i don’t know anyone who likes spotify forcing podcasts down their throat and bloating their app with shit they don’t want.

  39. I open Spotify on my iPhone. Go to library and see my playlists and podcasts in a separate tabs. Idk what you’re talking about lol

  40. Why are shadow priests moving away from the mind sear build? I’m new and about to enter the mythic scene on my SP alt. Simulating the two different build it looks like you lose 15% AoE.


  42. anybody know why jpc hasn’t been streaming lately? I was watching onezy yesterday and felt like their vibe was off. Jpc just quit after a few depletes. Is it because elle has been late on the evoker train?

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