1. Her and Davon discussed it in the house… so she definitely knew.

  2. Two totally different seasons. Josh didn’t beat Paul for better gameplay. Josh beat Paul because the jury didn’t want to reward a sociopath with 500K

  3. Exactly lmao, having a shit take and then doubling down on it and then telling people to move along is hilarious.

  4. Lol right. This sub is notorious for its 🤡 takes tho

  5. I really hope the level design im this game is improved. Sometimes levels just feel so “braindead” like no thought was put in it, they have a square or rectangle and fill it with enemies on one side and ur team starts on the other. Then there r random props in between the map that doesn’t just make it 1 massive landscape. This is how I felt for a lot of 3H and Engage seems to be a direct sequel(except for the story) of 3H. The art style, the chapters thus far, the gameplay seems really similar.

  6. This just proves that Victoria is a BB Goddess 😍😍😍

  7. Hahaha this is funny but perfectly encapsulates how shit this post is, no offense.

  8. Soraka and Karma will be meta and yuumi is getting banned by LPL teams

  9. This is what I’m worried about. Zven can and will easily play Leona, Alistar, Naut. These champs r not hard the hardest part is knowing when to engage which will be on him but also he will probably follow up most of them time bc Blaber Jensen Fudge also go so hard.

  10. It will be really ironic if Fire Emblem Engage is the only modern FE where you cannot engage.

  11. Idk if I’m just an old classic player but I don’t think I ever married or payed attention to it

  12. Which games did you play? Maybe you didnt play any with the mechanic.

  13. I’ve played every FE game since Binding Blade I believe. Only halfway done on New Mystery, don’t think I beat Awakening(I blacked out playing this game and I played it within the past 4-5 years. I am actually almost done so idk How I have no recognition of marrying and making children) or Echoes(one of the last chapters if not the last but idgaf the chapter is cringe)

  14. I used to, Heart of the fluff with overwhelm spellshield + atrocity is fun

  15. Wait do spells go through your own spellshield or do u pop it first?

  16. Spell shield only negates opponents spells. So it would work normally in this case

  17. Oh yeah duh u can have a spell shielded ally and still buff them I am dumbshit, ty :)

  18. I have a quite random laptop and it can run LoL 200-250 fps. Wtf, riot?

  19. Why “wtf riot” this ain’t riots problem and the fact that people think riot should be providing a mansion filled with top of the line PCs for all 24 teams attending is ridiculous, the teams can do something on their own. Riot has held professional players and professional teams hands for far too long, VCS visa issue is a perfect example. Papa Riot always has to come in and hold these unprofessional org/players by the hand and lead them one micro step at a time.

  20. Something - I agree, but it really is quite normal that a hosting organization helps with VISA procedures because it can be very slow and difficult through the normal channels.

  21. I agree Riot 100% should be in on that process, but I wouldn’t say Riot just helped, they salvaged the situation and made it possible for VCS to get here bc without their last second interjection there is no way VCS gets here after all their fuck ups. The teams started their visa applications embarrassingly late. It just feels like in so many aspects, professional LoL still has such immaturity and incompetence all the way from entire orgs, CEOs, and down to the players.

  22. Crown, Scout, and Uzi: As a C9 fan, these three players r cemented in my head of C9 just fucking then over. Sneaky’s sivir shitting on Uzi, Licorice finding taunt after taunt on him. Scout getting obliterated in groups by Jensen & Contractz and even Impact 😂 I remember Impact on Nautilus top roaming to mid and him + Jensen just fucking people up, good ole days. Then there is Crown who we repeatedly shat on in LCS and groups.

  23. “Enemy Phase juggernauting” is when you send a very bulky unit with decent offense into a group of enemies equipped with a strong weapon (usually but not always a 1-2 range weapon, and in later games almost always forged to the maximum Might bonus) and just have the enemies suicide onto that unit during their turn.

  24. I’m a long time FE player but I don’t do any of this stuff and it still confuses me bc it doesn’t sound fun at all and just sounds like speedrunning tips. Like all the Warp abuses too so many ppl r hype on “watch this turn 1 warp play to win a chapter in 1 round!” And it’s literally just warping a busted overstated character in to kill the boss(Especially in Shadow Dragon).

  25. It’s fun if doing challenge runs for me, like Ironmans since there’s the risk of the unit dying and not being strong enough for endgame while not being at risk by themselves. For warp skips though I only really have done on Ironmans as well, which again is a risk reward because you miss out on XP and items. Warp strats though are really the most fun when you come up with them on the fly or they are pretty basic so everyone knows. If you watch videos and copy 1 turn skips just to beat the game, I don’t know how that’s fun but you do you I guess. Can be interesting trying to see how far it goes and what can be done differently though

  26. Yea this makes a lot more sense. Understandable in ironman’s and such when it’s already so different from the original game u gotta do other funky stuff

  27. Broxah's lee sin was top level in 2018, it was good year for west in general

  28. I mean there were constant posts and clips of his Lee Sin, idk y op is acting like he was slept on. He had a pretty average Lee sin play around dragon pit kicking enemy gragas or something and people posted it everyday for weeks

  29. Her voice is perfect for this song. Absolutely killed it

  30. I don't see the hype but this is my first time listening to her so I am ootl. What is so special? This says live lounge but she is openly and clearly using a lot of tuning, no? From 1:10 to like 1:30 it sounds extremely tuned idk how this is "live" a person's voice just doesn't sound like that.

  31. the other mic is just mixed differently to give a similar distortion effect as the original song. coulda just kept scrolling if it wasn’t ya thing

  32. I’m asking the question bc I was curious and intrigued, kinda the point of Reddit sorry i guess

  33. Ur so smart but u can’t c English has many ways to xpress concepts

  34. Nope your literally just incorrectly using the term “data mine” and instead should just be saying “researched.” Pull back the edge

  35. Policing the most unruly language in the history of the world, while misspelling and using as much slang as you claim to hate. Reddit heritage post

  36. It’s not policing, you are quite literally(purest definition for literally) using “data mined” terribly incorrectly. It’s cringe. If you go to a historian and say “hey can you data mine the famous stories that Abraham Lincoln told to his cabinet” they will laugh at you. It’s research. Plain and simple. Leaks from an unreleased video game that show different weapons in a game is data mined

  37. Taylor swift album would be number 1 for me but idk if any of the houseguests are swifties.

  38. What Tswift album? Her last album was Evermore 2021. Unless you are talking about the marketing ploy of rereleasing old songs, but thats not a new album

  39. Same here. Liz was much more impactful to the game than Steve was. The Steve takes in this sub really confuse me, I don’t dislike him by any means but people really try to push the narrative that he was a second Ian. He was not.

  40. Lmao yeah he definitely was pissed judging by his face, he was trying to hide it. A competent BB player doesn’t take Taylor, that was an idiotic move

  41. Monte was in a majority alliance and copied a game that everyone and their mom knew he was playing. This sub just didn’t wanna admit he was, and most of The Leftovers, an extremely average player.

  42. Tbh, not much different. Nintendo has its own fair share of underutilized IP's. If metroid has been struggling this much Idk if Banjo would fair much better (especially as a 3d platformer... Owned by the company who has THE 3d platformer already).

  43. On the other side of that coin, Nintendo has Fire Emblem. And I don’t think a single soul would have expected FE to be as big as it is now if you asked them back in the 90s. If you asked them back in the 2010s. He’ll even if you asked them when Awakening saved the franchise.

  44. That's the case with any "unpopular opinion" reddit post. You only find the really spicy takes in controversial.

  45. True, but this sub is especially mild. Big echo chamber energy

  46. Anyone see Niles’ pisswater Mormon take on it? Apparently it was “too edgy” and “inappropriate” for his innocent ears

  47. Recently got Hereos of Light and Shadow for the DS and I am honestly whelmed. It’s okay so far, I’m about to start chapter 10x. The level design has been pretty bland and I forgot how terrible the class system is in the Archanea games. What is the different between Sage and Bishop? They use the same magic. Their base classes are different yes but these promotion classes are literally the same. Why does Pega Knight turn into a Dracoknight? What is the base class for male dracoknights then? Like what promotes into one?

  48. The map design of FE12 is completely warped because of how class changing exists. I prefer FE3 personally and would recommend it if you can deal with the lack of QoL.

  49. In your opinion Does it get it better or should I go start Binding Blade hard mode 👀

  50. I could go for a Sacred Stones remake. More people need to experience best girl, Lute.

  51. Same, but something in the realm of FE12 where it adds more characters and chapters, expand the story. The game is quite short.

  52. It should be based purely on the skills levels of the teams? How is this even controversial? This will never be as competitive as it should be otherwise. How are we actually choosing teams based on anything but talent?

  53. This is a really stupid comment, u should delete this early

  54. I feel like the saying “it’s about who you know vs what you know” fits here. Other teams were in LCS I believe, optic was not. Optic definitely deserved a spot based on their performance, but clearly that was not as important in their decision making :/

  55. Optic was in LCS and they were a terrible organization, they got the boot. Not surprised Riot didn’t want them in Valorant.

  56. I complained about this right after the premiere episode. Mods eventually took it down and people came in defending it “tHiS sUB waS inItiAlly fOr tHe BoOkS yOu cAnT eXiLe tHeM.”

  57. Tbh I don't think he'll have a viable jungle clear with these changes. I think it's more aimed at making him a better champion overall

  58. It’s not for jungle whatsoever lol, it’s for minion waves. A lot of these changes will just make blitz overall better, but I wonder if Riot wants to make sololane blitz viable 🤔

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