1. What a cool yard too. No other homes or businesses abutting it and spoiling the view.

  2. Is it totaled or just that bumper broken

  3. Lol I saw something similar the other day. If you try to Google something where there is no right answer, for example “what is the opposite of cheese” i comes black with nonsense like “concrete”. Lol these are funny.

  4. There was a new update. Maybe give it a day and see if it goes away.

  5. Always save when using a computer. Most things auto save. Also, if you’re using a decently new laptop , it’s probably not going to crash suddenly. Even when the battery dies it will simply hibernate and keep where you left off. For business users you may have legacy software or systems where this tule still applies, but for the casual home user, this is a rule of the past.

  6. It’s probably fine. Even if the staff are upset they should understand if you tell them. You by no means have to tell them, and if they give you grief then they are being aholes.

  7. When I talk to any republican it’s always “we need to drill more!” But Biden opened the leases for drilling “ but Biden bad so companies won’t drill. “ you know what? Fuck the republicans and their I don’t have a plan but elect my treasonous mango attitude.

  8. "great...why don't you talk to the petroleum industry in the US about their 9000+ unused oil leases"

  9. Yep I’ve tried this. “Bbbbbut Biden bad” is the response. Stupid clowns.

  10. You’ll get through it. Eventually you’ll find that perfect job.

  11. Yes. I forgot to mention in my comment that it was trumps mishandling of the pandemic which also contributed.

  12. Actually, the economy was in a deep recession when joe took office, and it had now began to recover. A side effect of increased demand for gas and companies refusing to supply is higher prices. Trump was the problem. He left a huge mess for joe to clean up. Gonna take a while to fix the shitpool.

  13. I can’t think of much stuff that is not made in part with plastic.

  14. and there is no option to refuse it because using wood is a bad solution as well.

  15. Although if we used wood we could at least replant the trees we used. Plastic is made of fossil fuels. Nonrenewable, much goes in landfills, doesn’t break down, all around bad. Paper and wood is better in most cases. Glass would be a good option also, although it can break and make a mess that could be hard or impossible to clean fully.

  16. If you want to delete your account you can…delete your account? What is this post?

  17. Is Algeria unable to get enough volunteers or are they under threat of attack or something? Seems weird that countries still have these requirements in 2022. I know of several other nations that have similar requirements.

  18. Like ooh shit I remember all the stuff I have to do now and I just wasted 15 or more minutes. Dammit

  19. Well that would be the driver’s fault since they drove the car onto the tracks. Don’t drive around railroad blockings and this won’t happen.

  20. Ooh wait…a criminal afraid of his own hearing? Only the guilty fear the Court! Arrest Trump!

  21. Does Reddit not show the upvotes anymore?

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