1. The euphoria I’m going to feel when I read the “We’ve decided to part ways with Scott Turner” tweet. Also, Sam Howell is the future baby.

  2. Is Dax Milne aware that he should be aiming to gain positive yards

  3. Imagine we actually found our franchise QB in Howell, new owner changes the team name to Red Wolves. Our new stadium is dubbed "The Wolf Den", every time Howell makes a play we howl for Howell. Makes me giddy thinking about it.

  4. Taylor was better for us this season but I don't wanna see either starting for us next year.

  5. I can't believe I let this team fool me yet again with another Mickey Mouse winning streak in the middle of the season, only one of which was against a team with a winning record. I’m grateful to Rivera for changing the team culture but it’s time for his regime to END! New ownership can’t come soon enough, save us from our decades of misery Bezos.

  6. We're really gonna end another season with 7 wins lol

  7. Look how hard Terry fights for those extra yards, love that man

  8. Normally I'd be enraged and yelling at my tv but honestly the loss against the Giants completely broke me. Watching the games purely out of habit now...I feel dead inside

  9. Just reading this shit put me in a bad mood lol

  10. Remember when everyone was saying BSJ being out against the Giants wasn't that big of a deal lol

  11. People who think we need to build our future around Heinicke are batshit fucking crazy, they need to be institutionalized

  12. This team makes me fucking sick man, SICK!

  13. Wonder what it's like to watch a game stress free, must be nice...

  14. Gibson is so much better than Robinson it's crazy man

  15. I'm fucking disgusted with this offense

  16. Lol the notion that the show got canned because of angry people online is very funny. As a matter of fact, in today's cultural climate it seems that corporations are actively seeking to push controversial discourse on their products in order to drive engagement. Really corps are much less concerned with fan backlash than raw viewership data which Netbop didn't show much promise with. Yeah, it was the #1 TV show on Netflix for a bit but it had a 59% drop in viewership in only its second week...that's very bad in case you were wondering. I promise that had much more of an impact on it getting canceled than angry tweets and reddit posts.

  17. Cowboy Bebop was the best selling anime in Japan in 1998 and was successful enough there to warrant a movie production. It won several awards in Japan and even as recently as 2018 a popup cafe was opened in honor of its 20th anniversary. And I'd be remiss to not mention that Bebop is not only influenced by western culture but by cinema and cultures across the globe, China in particular has a huge influence on its world.

  18. They are definitely sexist (Jet more so than Spike) but just because the main characters of a show have certain beliefs doesn't mean that the show necessarily endorses their beliefs. Keep in mind that the head screenwriter for Bebop is Keiko Nobumoto, a woman. Ultimately Cowboy Bebop is about broken people who lead lonely, miserable lives in a cold and uncaring world, it's only natural that they're going to say problematic shit from time to time.

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