1. What got you into aviation? Assuming you were in commercial flight, did you ever consider flying for the military? If not why?

  2. Hi! Sorry I have been away. I wrote two books describing how I got into aviation. If you Google Nick Eades the answers are all there! Cheers Nick

  3. It was over the Pyrenees at 35,000ft. One moment we were the only thing in the sky, the next the windscreen filled with a very large silver object which struck my windscreen and then went down the side of the aircraft. After making sure the aircraft was still flying and assessing any damage we flew on towards our destination in Africa. I’ve was only after landing that we found parts of a weather ballon still attached to the aircraft.

  4. I'm glad I got to fly the VOR version of this approach on the 400 before it went RNP, as much as it's nice to have the easier approach.

  5. No! It was filmed by one of the crew sitting on the flight deck jump seat!

  6. What's the real reason they want you to put your phone on airplane mode?

  7. Good question. Most airlines will now let you have your phone on for the entire flight. The only exception to this is when the aircraft is performing an automatic landing in poor weather. We then ask all passengers to turn their phones off. The reason for this is that there is a very small chance that as the phones search for a signal they could interfere with both the aircraft and ground facilities. This is obviously more critical in poor weather.

  8. I am about three quarters through application to be a military pilot. I've passed all aptitude tests and now I have a final interview and a fitness test before I get potentially selected for training.

  9. Military flying is very different from Civilian flying, especially if you are hoping to go for a fast jet. If you are going for a transport aircraft then team work is vitally important. Read up on CRM , Cockpit Resource Management. You need to.have people as well as flying skills these days. If you are going for a fast jet fighter aircraft then don't worry about people skills just shoot the buggers down 😉

  10. For anyone who is thinking of learning to fly or has ambition to become a commercial pilot this maybe of interest.

  11. I just want to say that the first memory I have of flying international over the ocean was as a 13 year old flying on a 747 jumbo jet. Honestly the best memory of flying I have. I wish airlines still flew them. It was sooo much fun. It was like a hotel on wheels in airspace.

  12. Gosh I have so many great memories. I suppose my best would have to be when I delivered a baby on a near empty aircraft one Christmas night many years ago. Mother and baby survived thank goodness!

  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I've been selecting [email protected] 20 nm to the runway, and F5 at 15nm roughly, though it seems that there is a little room for finesse on a light airplane. I haven't gotten it 100% right yet. I hope to fly the perfect energy managed approach one day.

  14. That sounds about right. The perfect energy management approach is the one you don’t have to fly a missed approach from at 1000ft.

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