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  1. A lot of people don't think Avatar deserve that much success so they all went aboard the hate train. I swear, if Avatar were an initial failure like The Thing (1982), people would not hate it like they do now. The underdogs always get more love.

  2. How many were still inside when the tower came down?

  3. 700m in height? It's not gonna get approved lol.

  4. It look massive! How much floor space ?

  5. No official figure was given but I'll put it at roughly 280,000 sqm ~ 3,014,000 sqft based on the disclosed gross office area and the number of residential units it contains. Source:

  6. This must be by far the tallest building in Tokyo right?

  7. Not just Tokyo but all of Japan. The previous title holder, the

  8. When the lander is 10 times bigger than the mother ship

  9. Toronto has yet to made it to the list of cities with at least 1 skyscraper above 300m so I didn't include it here.

  10. This building appears prominently in a very famous C-RAM video:

  11. They were probably in the process of hoisting or lowering when the wind started gusting because the cradle is normally attached to the facade via clasps.

  12. The Grollo tower in Melbourne

  13. A forgotten classic. It was meant to become the tallest building in the world back then. Its design reminds me of the similarly ill-fated

  14. Tour Sans Fins in Paris by Jean Nouvel and Russia Tower in Moscow by Norman Foster.

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