1. There are just straight-up tree leaves in this, looks like. Ask him to smoke it and watch his reaction.

  2. bro i just posted the same thing and i scroll down a bit and see this? u have great taste bro💀

  3. I didint know that I genuinely found that when I went for a cheeky browse😉

  4. Got into a fight with my ex bestie boo and found nrvana and it’s so cool I love it❤️🤣

  5. If you believe it's suicide you're not very well educated on the subject of kurt cobain's death. I'm not going to write every single point on here which shows that he was killed so ill just sum it up in two words... Courtney love.

  6. About 9 years late but considering he had to be talked out of overdosing a couple months before seems likely he would take his own life

  7. If auto-saving is on, try reloading from the last save point.

  8. Check on the pause menu. There should be an option that says “Restart Current Day.”

  9. The fact that killers can have perks and kick gems at the same time is unfair

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