1. Whores get paid (former sex worker here) and her body count does not impact her inherent virtue or value as a person, period.

  2. Science proves that the more male partners a woman has the less likely she will be able to pair bond and successfully last in a long term relationship.

  3. wait, so after you called her a whore, you keep leading her on even though you don't want anything with her? you let her 'court you' because it soothes you 'male' ego. it's for your own amusement.

  4. She left me and came back, slept around, I walked away she came back, slept around again, came back, slept around again… it’s a consistent pattern. Dont ask for a chance to keep shitting on my chest

  5. So has anyone hook up or is this a bs post?

  6. Haven’t we figured out that this guys does not give a sht? I believe he absolutely would; I’ve been suspecting that he would if he loses to Desantis or someone for quite some time. Causing a split in conservative votes and fcking the right for the next decade lol

  7. Pissed fire the other morning. Other than that nothing. Maybe phantom sensitivity other than that idk.

  8. I’ll say this. If you can’t find it cheap make sure to tell your doctor you have a symptom like itching and that’s why you want the test. Then insurance will cover it over just saying you want the test for peace of mind!

  9. Woke up this morning and pissed fire into my toilet. I thought the toilet bowel would catch fire along with the burn. Has not happened before this morning or a few leaks later into today still hasn’t burned again. Ik I’ve been a little careless lately so I’d rather check to be safe.

  10. What’s crazy is you same pro life assholes support the death penalty? Make that sht make sense. You are for protecting life at all costs but you’re also against killing a stranger for something they did? This is either a mental healthy crisis or cognitive dissonance to it’s supreme

  11. The media leans left because the left is more emotion based than the right (or at least they were pre-Trump). Corporations lean left because they fear loss of income that would come with opposing the media.

  12. That’s actually totally false. It’s the exact opposite there are many different science based research articles where scientist studied the brain function of liberal and conservative patients and studied their brain wave patterns and hemisphere activity as they that worked to answer questions and discovered that those whom identify as conservative use their Amygdala vastly! More often than the liberals; wasn’t even close and that the liberals used their pre frontal cortex vastly more than the conservatives. The Amygdala is responsible for most of our emotions and the pre frontal cortex is responsible for critical thinking and long term decision making. You can research these studies. These companies lean left because they group think which decreases your chances of emotional thinking and they think long term and critically what’s best even if they may feel different. They more so align with liberal views this way and thinking patterns. Decision made for other people should be though out critically not emotionally.

  13. I'd be wary of any study of that nature, too many confounding variables.

  14. Sure that’s a fair point but this is the same study conducted by multiple research institutions with no no consensual bias. You can find these with a simple search. But also just because you feel it is true doesn’t make it true. And just because you may believe it’s best for others doesn’t mean it actually is. The ability to separate emotion and logical thinking is very important in all aspect of life.

  15. Hey man keep fighting love seeing your optimism. I have a eGFR of 81 with albumin slightly below 3. I’m 26 and athletic. Do you think I should be concerned? What would be your next steps? I did a blood/ urine last week and those were my results. My creatinine is about normal slightly higher but that’s because I workout intensely.

  16. I took a blood and urine test a few weeks ago and my GFR was 81 and albumin was slightly less than 3. I’m pretty healthy guy workout regularly very muscular, but I have foamy urine more often than not recently. Should I be alarmed?

  17. Of course and then I’d pay my buddy to rob to them and get my pet back

  18. No I don't. I don't want the will of the people represented, I am anti-liberal and believe that authority does NOT come from the people but from above.

  19. The democrats have already screwed themselves in every aspect. People have more to worry about, like how the state of the economy is making it difficult to provide for their families.

  20. Doubt it timing is everything there is a reason this comes out now, there is a reason Biden is holding off on student loans until end of summer and other issues of importance to many voters. That’s the last take away they will have going to the polls. This will help them, I don’t know how much but it definitely hurts conservatives.

  21. After Roe V Wade? Absolutely not. They’ve all but sunked the nail in the coffin for the educated suburban white female votes as well as the middle to lower class minority female votes voting blue. Both of which make up a good percentage of the voting population. No chance I’m hell moving forward for at least a the next decade or so. And if Biden starts to act on student loans he will pull in more educated independents and moderates into the democrat electorate. Conservatives shot themselves in the foot for what?

  22. This isn't a subreddit for foamy urine, it's for people with kidney disease. Come back when you get a diagnoses of such from a Doctor after doing all tests.

  23. With foamy urine potentially being a sign kidney disease why would you not want to help those that could possibly be in your position? Or help give a word of advice on their journey so that they have the best chances possible and routes to take? I think we all should lend a hand when we can and not shoe people away or tell them to kick rocks until they’ve already developed the disease. There is no way in hell if I was diabetic and someone was either pre diabetic or showing symptoms tell them to screw off u til they get the disease and then come back and talk to me; that’s cold blooded and narcissistic. I’d give the best information I know as for I would not want them to develop the disease and have their quality of life effected. But as always; some humans are just smh

  24. Let them waste your time then. Kidney disease is diagnosed after several tests, not by having foamy urine.

  25. Some diseases any early signs or hint of potential development you want to tackle immediately!! Such as cancer, heart diseases etc. and others you man want to take your time and see what develops or does not or if you should change anything or if it goes away. Because I do not have kidney disease I do not know the severity or the alarmism I should have. I figure those that do could give me some guidance on if they went back in time knowing what they know about the disease and having it now. Would foamy urine be what causes them to immediately seek help or would they take steps on their own first such as urinalysis, change in diet and wait a little bit of time first to see if it goes away first before caving to anxiety and going through a bunch of tests. Just asking for a little help that’s all

  26. No health insurance or provider. Ik that you’ll can’t tell me what to do instead I’m seeking advice on what you would do if I’m similar position or what you would propose?

  27. If you are an American, can you get on medicaid? Walk into a low income clinic?

  28. For some potential disease you want to act very fast ex ( signs of cancer, heart disease etc) some you want to not jump the gun and see if there are developments. I’m curious to know if this is a situation where you may want to wait and see and see what you can do on your own or if it goes away. Or do you immediately seek help.

  29. If you are a man and urinate standing, it is normal to get a little amount of foam that dissapear after a while.

  30. So if it disappears working a few minutes it’s nothing of concern?

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