1. will they be not arrested for public indecent exposure?or what’s equivalent in their judicial system?

  2. She now ditched cruz and moved on to gatez. I really thought she already had a low bar because she married a pedo now its all new low.

  3. Can someone explain if those rules are only on track during the race or off track also? For example if Lewis wears a rainbow jacket during race day before race will those rules apply?

  4. My assumption was that it was only relevant for track events. I don’t think they will be so stupid as to try and police the SM accounts of drivers…

  5. I hope so if he is not allowed a rainbow helmet. Atleast he should be allowed to wear a rainbow jacket or something while going to paddock.

  6. Solie is selling the same course for$200 and looks more professional than this. They all run in the same circles and attract same clientele, i dont understand how she is going attract interest in her course.

  7. People seriously need to check what healthcare is? There are nurses doctors and other health care professionals working day and night due to very bad flu rsv and covid season.Jill is taking vacation after vacation and calling her healthcare worker is not just bad but injustice to people who real healthcare professionals.

  8. This week Biden signed the gay marriage law she needs to celebrate it. Sis is celebrating.

  9. The head is huge for the kid. Is it normal? I am concerned not snarking.

  10. Minor fundie sis is going on an angry rant for front desk person asking her to wear mask. She Calls mask a face diaper.

  11. She should definitely be wearing it then, because a lot of shit comes out of her mouth.

  12. She always goes after people who are doing their job like flight attendants, front desk person. She called flight attendants flight servants for asking her wear her mask.

  13. I'm already blocked. Can someone report this? This can be deadly.. My son with bi polar type one is very regulated with his medicine, one of which is lamotrigine. Withdrawing quickly can cause Stephen Johnson syndrome.

  14. Hi i tried reporting but nothing is getting taken down because she was spreading misinformation with a fever chart I reported it nothing happened.

  15. I lost my dad to suicide so Lori can definitely go fuck herself

  16. I am really sorry. I know it’s triggering for a lot of people but people like Lori fail to understand not everyone’s mind work the same way. I really wish she leaves things like these to experts.

  17. I really think she must have had a falling out with someone who was a very close friend or a family member otherwise she won’t be posting constant passive aggressive stuff. I believe in this sub someone will dig out stuff and it will come to light until then we have to put up with self pity party.

  18. Aunt Lori conveniently forgot about Trump’s misgivings. Her brain tumor gets activated only when republicans are on power.

  19. Yes , The creepy way he talks about his daughter Ivanka. The list is endless.

  20. Can you imagine what kind of abuse he would have got had he not been a world champion? I hope Jos changed his ways because he has younger kids hope they don’t experience same thing that Max had to go through.

  21. Shrek would nibble those toes if she pedicured with jelly beans 🤮

  22. Imagine them doing the thing and shrek eating her fingers. I just threw up a little imagining that.

  23. Soon jilly bean’s fat fingers with fungal acrylics will block that person.

  24. I think Lori gets off on posting this garbage because she knows it's going to make people mad. Wonder if she's seen the statistics on those who are denied help for their mental health because of jeebus?

  25. After this several women were agreeing with her and giving some horrible testimonies. It was triggering for me read through and post it here. No one over there disagreeing with her or correcting her which is why she thinks she is always right.

  26. First lori was blaming women being emotional is the reason for depression. Lori mass murders are result of lack of gun control not anti depressants. Canada has people with mental health issues as well but don’t have as many mass murders because of gun control you dip shit. The audacity to blame everything except the guns.

  27. I’m not familiar with her, how old is the kid? Looks fairly young by what I can see. Ridiculous.

  28. The plate broke and the kid says i want to put it back. Solie says ya buddy its like a puzzle ok you go ahead and try.


  30. My toddler won’t give me sepsis but a dead fetus inside the womb will kill the mom you dummy.

  31. Can't know that. Maybe he'd be happier but nothing close to an F1 driver.

  32. We all will never know what goes inside Max’s head or how he feels? A lot of people are successful despite abuse not because of abuse its a wrong way to look at it. A lot of people battle their demons of abuse internally and look normal outside. A lot of people practice fake it till you make it. Being successful is not be all and end all. Don’t compare Lewis and Max because Max was abused by his father and Lewis abuse was not in his own father’s hands. Anthony may not have addressed abuse that racism created properly or addressed the way he thought was appropriate at that time is not same as emotional abuse by parents.

  33. I would hope so. Don’t beat your wife either that would also be good

  34. AMEN spelled out in her weird dialect?

  35. I did. Not sure what AMAM is. Either AMEN or A MOM?

  36. Without Toto or Horner a whole year of breaking news . Something is wrong with 2022.

  37. You are kinda implying that Binotto should go to Williams to keep the smooth flow of infographic

  38. Like in feel good movies, just imagine if he goes to Williams and the team becomes next Mercedes or redbull. Like how brawn showed up with that double diffuser car and Button became world champion.

  39. So there is a chance forBinotto in Williams. Goatifi left that causing a stir in Williams.

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