1. Do you have any support system? This subreddit is great but I think sometimes we need more. Talking with others and being open about this stuff can really help us understand it better. I think it can take a lot of understanding and learning in order to be able to beat this type of thing.

  2. I had my doctor and my friend who is also an alcoholic but him and I can’t hang out or I’ll be back to square one. Him and I tried to stop together at one point but we just ended up lying to each other about our secret drinking.

  3. Maybe it would be worth it? I don't know. It's going to be tough not matter what, but sometimes we have to take those risks. I would look into it before making a decision. There's always different types of support groups too.

  4. I think that would be hard for me too. I don't want people to have to change for me either, but it's not unfair to ask your partner to help out for a little while in the beginning. No matter what, everything will be okay. The emotions will be super strong and uncomfortable, but not forever. Do you have anyone you can call? If not, writing helps me at times where I feel like I'm losing it.

  5. Yeah, I think it's pretty normal. Honestly, I think it's more just about resting in the beginning stages. If you like things like walking or whatever, still do it, but from my experience the enthusiasm/motivations/changes don't happen until a couple weeks, at least, but we're going to have different starting points so don't take that as a definite.

  6. If you do, you'd have a two-year head start on me. I quit at 29, and my 30's have been amazing in comparison. Happy bday, compadre!

  7. No matter what, everything will be okay. I hope you can get some peace and rest today.

  8. Your story sounds like mine. I had these feelings when I was your age. I wasn't able to finally quit until I was 29. From my experience, the idea about not caring about your health isn't always comprehendible until we go through some really unfortunate health issues. There's so many things that can happen in/to the body, it can seem unfair and cruel. Anyway, if you're trying to quit, we're all rooting for you! Let's try to never take health for granted; let's cherish it and use it for all we get!

  9. Good for you! I hope you get what you need and don't need it like we think we need it, sometimes.

  10. I concur! It's the bees-knees, 100% And kick ass, hombre! I am right there behind you. Ten years is mine!

  11. You are exactly where you need to be, and no matter what, everything will be okay. Things can be slow, or tough and stressful, but it doesn't stay that way forever. Nothing stays the same forever. But we are strong, and smart enough to figure things out. As long as we don't give up, we can make it. The work is real. It's always going to be harder in the beginning, but that work pays off. And in my experience, the work becomes some of the best parts of life.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the counter. I may get one at some point, but I just know the day I started and I'll look it up once in awhile. Part of me doesn't want to see it everyday. But I don't know if it makes it worse to interact on here without one or not. And thank you for the nice comment!

  13. It’s nice to see to give others hope, but if it may trigger you then why bother?

  14. Yeah, life happens fast, and it's more fun for me to be surprised how much time goes by

  15. I think part of my history with drinking was that I was an anxious person but I didn't even know it was that at the time. I was insecure when I was younger, and I'm still insecure now, but it's not even close anymore. Quitting drinking brought it all out, and I have had some times where anxiety spiked and I was completely sober for a year or two already. But I still overcame it because I had quit drinking. Hopefully, I won't have more come up in the future for unseen reasons, but I've experienced that anxiety is something that can be beat. It takes a lot of time, I would say, but time is kind of all we have in a way. It's worth to quit and start, I think.

  16. Hell yeah! I think we get everything without drinking. Alcohol brings nothing to the table. And I did say something stupid sounding yesterday but whatever, I'm having a great morning and it's something I'm already forgetting that I said. I say so much shit anyway that it's bound to happen here or there.

  17. Sure, I think so. I'm working on my 6th year alcohol and tobacco free. I've never been to a formal meeting, only this subreddit. But I'm curious now to check some out eventually. I like to give back and be supportive for others when times are needed, so I have thought it might be nice to get more involved to give back even more.

  18. Finding a support group in your area might be a good move to make. If not, this community can also help make us feel more connected.

  19. Nice work so far! It took me a bit longer to get my health back, but at some point I got into running and exercise. I also still skateboarded a lot at that time too. But my weekend binges turned into weekend warrior type stuff. I became addicted to getting up early and running with a sunrise. That switch in hobbies was a huge part to my success.

  20. I had to stop drinking caffeine for awhile, both in the beginning and at other times. It caused anxiety spikes for me, but it wasn't the cause of the anxiety.

  21. For me, along with quitting alcohol and cigarettes, just putting my self and my needs first was the best thing I ever did. And don't get me wrong, I am a very giving and empathetic person, but I'm not going to do things anymore that harm myself just to make others feel more comfortable. I think it's really cool you hang with your same peeps, but if they make you feel pressured or less than because you choose not to drink or smoke anymore, then I would say you deserve better.

  22. I got help from reading, Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews. The book taught me about lean cutting and lean bulking, as well as some other good information for working out. You may want to check it out too.

  23. The book, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, helped me a lot. In the book, he recommends this website for information and if needed, finding a sleep specialist in your area.

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