1. and what about his battle with Scrier and the other?

  2. Just because someone’s smart doesn’t mean they always win. That’s just life, fictional or not.

  3. Thus its called jobber when a character is used as just a plot.

  4. Hmm ok. Well that doesn’t make them bad characters 🤷‍♂️ you could say the same thing about Hercules; and someone will be telling his stories long after we’re both dead.

  5. im saying without jobber certain people are on a different level. Goku would get wiped by many people.

  6. A lot of stuff is confirmed by more than 1 dev and it's not like their not going off of an already available source.

  7. some of it yes, and some of it is hyperbolic. Like the wank about Kratos being infinite speed and strength..

  8. Yea I don't believe there's any feat that puts him at infinite anything not even by devs but the gow gods are still strong.

  9. Sidious would turn homelander into a storm trooper

  10. Gorr of war. He goes through every single round at the same time slapping every boss that would help him or get in his way.

  11. lol id recommend looking up feats before even making a statement as clearl you have 0 idea of who galactus is. Beerus can be 100% and it still wont do much to galactus who would just eat beerus Galactus has fought stronger people then beerus and stalemated them or defeated them. You dont even know how Hakai works so lets just stop there. Galactus would 1 shot the entire DB verse stop this nonsense.

  12. im more then happy to have a friendly debate. Dont get me wrong Mui goku is strong but theres nothing in DB that can do much to galactus.

  13. You look like a chef with a rat as a friend.

  14. If my wife did that to me I would swanton bomb off the roof on her.

  15. In a fight right of the cuff SBP would take on doom anything else outside of it doom stomps.

  16. You look like you harass Bart Simpson every time he comes to your comic store.

  17. stop this nonsense. Doom wouldnt even spit in his direction xD

  18. Their equal amounts of strength are the strengths required to make the tree shake. If they attacked the tree directly on their own it would shake, but the collateral damage from their attacks clashing is what caused it to shake. So they are uni+ if they’re able to make the 9 realms shake

  19. I agree on the strength of both of them crashing into the tree but splintering it and destroying it are 2 different things not necessarily universal. I somehow doubt thor was using universal attacks to hit kratos. Dont get me wrong i legit had a huge debate with someone who believes Kratos has infinite strength and infinite speed.

  20. It’s impossible to penetrate a universe without affecting the whole thing. A hole in a universe the size of a needle requires the same amount of strength to destroy an entire universe

  21. I agree with everything you said. I'm just trying to understand where this wank of infinite strength and infinite speed( apparently he killed hermes who was able to dodge helios's light that lit up the infinite underworld during the boss fight) and seeing as though they are realms most people get the assumption that those realms are 9 different universes thus kratos flipping the temple goes to him flipping 9 universes. Can I also get your opinion on GOW3 kratos would you say he is stronger then Atlas and kronos?

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