1. This is horrible. I am sure this entire experience was terrifying. I hope some lawyer snags this up and finds a way to make this harder to do to people.

  2. It is so messed up. I’d pay double if it went to the good cause it was originally intended for.

  3. I bet money this is CO2. Maybe try having it on the rack closest to your exhaust fan

  4. Absolutely! Listen to the Hot five & Hot Seven recording by the always incredible and infamous Louis Armstrong. It is very in the vein of “Dixieland” jazz.

  5. Hey I have that book! Talks about composting almost as much as growing mushrooms!

  6. Hahah. It does have a LOT about composting lol. That said, it is a good partner book to “Growing Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms”

  7. The cat doesn’t care about you wanting to learn, rubbies feel good

  8. Call a bee keeper. If they can’t help you personally they could potentially know someone who can

  9. Love this record. Have you heard SKA Dream as well? I really enjoyed that too haha

  10. Thank you! I’m fairly new but this was done in a growing class taught by William Padilla Brown.

  11. I have seem some of William’s stuff. Seems very legit. I would like to dive deeper into their work. Was thinking about snagging the book they wrote on cordyceps.

  12. It has been a minute since I have listened to Diana Krall. Thank you so much for the kick in the pants to go deep dive back into her discography!

  13. I think depending on who you talk to yes haha. Mushroom and their beautiful interwoven networks of mycelium are all around us, outnumbering almost everything and anything.

  14. Finally, a solid answer. I was getting worried about this group for a second….

  15. Well from the looks of the down votes I have gotten you are quite outnumbered. Not even sure what would have offended people about this response. It was merely perspective 🙃

  16. Love this book. Was the first I read in my cultivation journey and it holds a special place as my main reference piece.

  17. Looks like something along the lines of lions mane! Very very cool spot to find it. So beautiful 😍

  18. Your playing is phenomenal! Truly sick job and not trying to take away from that at all but I feel like I’m losing it. I can’t see anyone on the stage who is humming when you are playing but I am nearly positive I am hearing humming? Am I crazy lol?

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