1. I also noticed no real difference between the 7000's and 4000's when ray tracing is enabled. Is this game sponsored by AMD. It shows the 7000's in a very favorable light.

  2. Yeah the Ray Tracing is light and only for Ambient Occlusion, I believe?

  3. Yup. Gotta stoop down to the lowest common denominator for console and poorly performant Ray Accelerators.

  4. What the fuck are you even going on about? 80% of your comment is completely irrelevant and came out of nowhere.

  5. There's no way the RT and Tensor cores only took up less than 10% of the die size, i'm gonna need to see some better examples than that. What about the 4090.

  6. The Turing die size analysis is done by looking at the literal image of the die as outlined in the thread I linked you. You just don't like it because it does not support your hypothesis.

  7. How well does the PSU run with the glass panel? I was considering a simialr build, but quite worried about the PSU getting choked by the glass pannel

  8. So far so good. A lot of the stuff i do on my PC doesn't really spin the PSU. But it does spin during game.

  9. I believe that might be worse due to flow through cooler on the FE card

  10. What makes the performance go down so much? Latency from the cable needed to make it external?

  11. No shit? This is literally how every other GPU in existence performs when used as external GPU.

  12. Somehow this looks easier to build than the NR200p, any idea if impression is correct or not?

  13. No. This is actually more difficult to build as the parts come flat packed like IKEA. One of the more challenging built I've done yet.

  14. Absolute maniac. Glass panel?!

  15. Yeah! maniac indeed. The GPU is well cooled though on the mesh side

  16. This sub is trying to inspire me to build a micro pc and it's working.

  17. Why would they want to? It is either friggin loud, hot or sacrificing performance to keep temps acceptable.

  18. I can't emphasize this enough but 40 series Founders Edition cooler is insanely good and Nvidia has definitely fixed EVERYTHING wrong with 30 series cooler with this generation. No more 3090 VRAM high temp due to the use of dual sided G6X VRAM and between larger fans and redesigned vapor chamber (see GN video with NV Thermal Engineer for details), I can safely say that 40 series FE is the best GPU cooler I've ever had in years.

  19. Ah gotcha thanks. I thought this is the regular O11 or the mini.

  20. Are you willing to part out anything? I'm interested in the Pencil

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