1. Personally I don’t so much enjoy my job as i don’t mind doing it. There are moments that I really do enjoy, but everything around those moments is just kinda what i do and I’m indifferent about it.

  2. I think this is pure coincidence. The aliens and their ships are obviously inspired by sea creatures.

  3. That’s a news compass, they issue them to all new journalists so they can find the nearest news at all times

  4. Ngl, I’m gonna proudly admit to being a “console commando” from now on.

  5. I don't feel like responding to the OP, because I'm not up for a debate and I think "SoUnDs LiKe YoUR pRoBLeM iS wiTh cApiTaLiSm" is disingenuous at best, but yeah, I agree with you.

  6. Yeah I just saw his response about capitalism… Jesus. We’ll see if OP is so chill about it when technology comes for his/her job. I knew it was risky mentioning UBI but yikes.

  7. I'm already using Copilot and ChatGPT for my programming job.

  8. As if you’ve just come back two days after the fact to insult me for being apprehensive of AI gen tech, AFTER already having made your point in a different reply.

  9. How can this is be interpreted as anything OTHER than you getting fired? get her actual intent in writing, and take them to employment tribunal. They cant fire you for getting sick.

  10. Probably makes you OP yeah but play the game how you want, it’s your game 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Looks like he might sue me if I so much as insinuate he cheated to beat alduin

  12. I refuse to be held back by poor game mechanics. I will tame the beast there. Once tamed, I will kill it and respawn one at my intended destination.

  13. Dunno why your being downvoted man, play the game how you want, it’s your game. Some of us don’t have time for this shit.

  14. We called for 343 to be fired, that’s essentially what has happened. Will be a shame if they don’t continue infinities story - felt like it could have had legs. Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, MCC is calling my name. I’ll check in on infinite now and then

  15. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the recent science news surrounding SMBH’s

  16. Well mountain evacuations where minimal landing is possible just off the top of my head.

  17. And how does this achieve that better than a helicopter with someone repelling down? How much fuel do you think this thing can reasonably hold? What about emergency equipment? Balance on something like this will be a major issue, and when your dealing with somebody who’s potentially injured or hysterical it becomes that much more dangerous. What about hot exhaust gasses around the landing area? We’ve had VTOL tech for decades and it doesn’t get used for things like mountain rescue for a reason. It’s the same reason mechs don’t and won’t exist in modern military - there are safer, cheaper more practical alternatives.

  18. Weight balance I get but as far as reppeling ther is a certain ceiling that Blackhawks atleast can operate upto I have no idea the range on this but your question was what application. All rockets were the same til musk tried to improve them. I figure a stretcher could be mounted on it and the seat laterally adjusted to counter balance the weight. Someone much more savvy than I could figure it out if it was needed. I saw the snow rescue in the French alps have started testing the suit made by gravity industries this last winter.

  19. A suit is very different to this though, I know the suits are being tested to see how suitable they are for quickly transferring individuals from carriers to smaller boats and that sort of thing by the navy, and there is probably a use case for personal units, but the moment you introduce another person to the equation it becomes much more complicated and expensive.

  20. How does a person have time to become a navy seal, a pilot, then a doctor, AND an astronaut. He looks like he’s not even 30. The money alone..

  21. There’s a podcast in YouTube in which he explains. He does not come from money and had a bad childhood actually. Sheer determination. It’s insane to hear him talk about it. And he’s humble and nice about it too.

  22. If that’s truly the case then props to him, but that would make him one in a million for not having life get the better of him

  23. Not a marine surveyor but you should still go for it man. Sounds like an adventure, definitely the type of thing you’ll look back on as a cool experience. Plus offshore pay is usually nice.

  24. The pay is very attractive, the only thing giving me pause really is the intensity of the workdays (my current setup is VERY relaxed for a surveyor) and I have a live in girlfriend that id be leaving on her own weeks at a time.

  25. No worries, I’ll drop in to check on your girlfriend periodically.

  26. You guys surveyed with masks on? This is a joke right?

  27. I did during the early days for the sake of optics. Work for a very public facing company so couldn’t be seen not to be taking it seriously, and would often be in areas where the public could see me and get close if they so chose.

  28. Taking it seriously and using common sense aren’t mutually exclusive. Wearing a mask in the woods makes you look dumb, not safe. Whatever keeps you sane i guess…

  29. Well this was pre vaccine, and when I say public facing I mean government. Have to lead by example. Granted, I wasn’t working In the woods and I may have given myself a pass then if I knew nobody would be around d.

  30. Gonna start using this as an age marker for how long I’ve been on Reddit - seems to get reposted once or twice a month.

  31. I said this when they made workplace pensions mandatory. It's a pre-built excuse to say you have a private pot and you've got to use that before you get anything from the state.

  32. If they take away state pension all together surely there will be uproar over national insurance tax then?

  33. “I walked in the other week and they all stood up and clapped me” YEAH RIGHT 😂

  34. Small gaming youtubers suck, anything for views and wild speculation based on diddly squat.

  35. Heavy asterisk on this - if it’s verifiably anonymous you should take the opportunity. They can’t lie about that.

  36. I think people are putting too much faith in one man when it takes hundreds to make a game.

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