1. Definitely gonna have to Try the canna-cheese I ordered a 3pack of the Mango Smile This go

  2. ngl i'm gone and thought that shit was a pinecone

  3. I should mention this was an outdoor home grow and have been told it's probably sunburn.

  4. Looks fine to me to Probably Has the brown color due to Genetics Or Drying process

  5. Looks great Rn, you may need to Add more soil for the weed plant or transplant into a big pot,It might take up root space for the rest of your Plants

  6. How do you know the 'strain' but it's an unknown bag seed? That is kind of a confusing title. Good grows though.

  7. Thank you 👍 The first Two pictures are Apple Jack The last 3 pictures are from a bag Seed That topped itself

  8. Little close to each other in the ground from my experiencem

  9. Yeah basically, sore throat and cough etc, I just got some medicine from the Walgreens minute clinic and I was okay after a few days. If ur in an illegal state and can’t get decent carts (I am so I feel) I would recommend 3chi d8 carts. Ik you didn’t ask for advice so if u have any questions you can j pm me

  10. Yeah I’ve also Coughed up blood a couple times after smoking them Haven’t touched any since

  11. how do I decarb the shatter? Thank you

  12. Ima give a try rn. I got some 99.9% lol

  13. I’ve been trying to find some some badder for a good price but it’s all expensive af around here or it’s CRC and doesn’t look very appealing

  14. You could Honestly Make some out of The shatter you got, Just gotta whip and get it to the right temp

  15. Not a bad idea, might try it out with like a quarter or half oz and see how it turns out

  16. Yeah just Gotta look into it more Ik people that gets slabs whip and heat it with A hot plate ,And charge more for it , Not sure if they add any CDT Terps Just gotta make sure to do it right because it Will Turn to Crumble wax or sugar wax

  17. That bean looks viable, go for it.

  18. Yep yep. It’s super easy. Damp paper towel (inside a little container works best, with little holes) let it sit for 2-3 days and you’ll see a little sprout. Then take care of it and hope it goes female and not male.

  19. Yeah paper towel works Good for me to, never had to wait more than 2 days

  20. Tbh plane is not worth it. Mail has worked for me in the past with a vacuum sealer and flower, but honestly I travel with a 1oz mct tincture consistently, and it has never caused me problems. Results may vary I suppose

  21. I’d grind it all up, vacuum seal it up like 3 times, and pack it with a sweater in a priority mail flat rate box

  22. If you got it from a dispensary your fine, You would know when you hit it if something is up

  23. It’s so gas. All u need is one small dab

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