1. That’s the place I originally wanted to go to. We sat out front waiting for them to open, but no one ever showed up. We’ll try it again soon.

  2. They don't open until noon on Sunday so if you were there in the morning that might be why.

  3. We were there at noon. No activity and the lights were off. They could have just been late that day. We’ll try again someday.

  4. Can you not....... Ughhhhhhh why the hell didnt you include the steering wheel logo and SHAVE YOUR GODDAMN ARRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMM Gawd!

  5. I feel like I’ve angered our lord and savior Teddy B.

  6. What kind?? (serious question, I know OEM fat Hamilton bars from the 30s-50s etc can be a premium but not more than the watch itself)

  7. He’s not wrong, that’s one of the $11 Walmart Duros.

  8. The surrounding vehicles look nearly as expensive. I’m betting that this is a Christian school in Houston or Dallas.

  9. Correct state, but wrong city. About an hour north of San Antonio.

  10. Sam Mucas, Kyle or Buda? Dad has a gravel hauling business or paving company.

  11. Why would they reimburse you? I don’t think that’s a thing.

  12. Many credit cards have insurance for things like this as part of the program. If the product was purchased with the card it cones protected.

  13. And that’s why the dove thought it was safe to go to the Ozzy concert.

  14. I posted this before. My kid, without knowing anything about the connection, said it reminded her of Ghost when I was playing it in the car one day.

  15. That's so funny. A similar thing happened with my friend and I. He and i found ghosts together, and one day, he seemed to turn by MCC and was like, "Remind me of ghosts, thought you would like it." and I'm like "it sounds alot like ghost..." we looked in to it and were very excited to learn that Tobias had done more before ghost.

  16. Love MCC. It’s always been more of a Martin project. I think TF played bass for them live. Martin is still making music and playing live as MCC. The new stuff is great.

  17. Holy shit those look bad. I’ve seen some worn boots before, but how do toes end up looking like that? They look like 5 year old potatoes. Not sure how you’ll fix all that stretched leather. But yes; structurally they look like the Normandy’s I have.

  18. I can only think that it was a flooring contractor or someone like that. I thought they were pretty beat to hell but for $11 I figured I’d risk it and get some feedback. The soles are completely shot as well.

  19. You will probably need to update it. Just connect to Wifi or use an ethernet cable, and when it turns on go to the "settings" tab/section and at the top of that menu there will be the "update" option.

  20. Thanks. I will check it out. I wanted to make sure that the console was at least still being supported.

  21. Any money I’ve saved in food has gone to new clothes. I’m pretty sure it’s a net negative at this point.

  22. The only weird thing was my SIL and niece not asking about it. I finally had to tell them it’s okay to talk about. I’ve got nothing to hide and I openly tell people if they ask. I’ve got friends who could benefit from the surgery. If I hide that fact it could make them feel worse about themselves. One of those “if he can do it, why can’t I?” things. This has been nothing but positive for me and I hope that others can see it.

  23. Have you been diagnosed with any level autism?

  24. La mantra mori. idk its just kinda boring, i still listen to it, buttt-

  25. This. It should have stayed unreleased.

  26. Scrolled down until I found it. This is the correct answer.

  27. Playing it safe. Try this in Riverhead or Freeport.

  28. Tequila Old Fashioned? I’ve never considered it. Now I must try it.

  29. I’ve been looking at these as my next set. I have Terra Grabblers. I couldn’t be happier. I’m a Nitto convert.

  30. Works perfectly fine. This picture was taken a week ago!

  31. No. The day indicator is not correct. It is either not functioning or it was put on backwards.

  32. Why does the day indicator not appear to be working? 3/13 was a Monday.

  33. So it wasn’t the vaccines after all. I bet Jenny McCarthy feels stupid now.

  34. Not sure if you’re serious or not.

  35. Not a fan of the Vision Pro. They have a problem with air leaks. I've had a Vision Classic B-Series for ten years, and it's been bulletproof. I don't have hands-on experience The Joe Jr. looks too small to do any serious smoking on it.

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