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  1. Is it common? Considering that this is the first time I’ve seen this used in this context, I call bullshit. Take your condescending tripe elsewhere, dbag.

  2. Yes it’s common. Try volunteering in a soup kitchen, they use it constantly there.

  3. I do. And it’s not. Thinking maybe I was just unaware, I searched the term in the websites of several shelters in my region and got no results. At mine, we refer to ours as guests, individually, or homeless if we’re describing that particular condition.

  4. Really? All the people volunteering at my local soup kitchen are virtue signaling and don’t want to put in the effort to solve a problem?

  5. He finna keep coming down and down till he reaches 6 feet

  6. It somehow comes out stale but not toasted every time. It’s a marvel in and of itself.

  7. Following this logic, most people should believe that some random stranger on the street that thought the baby was cute is their mom. Sounds fun.

  8. You’re now adopting me. I love you mother. My mortgage is also due soon please help mama.

  9. I wonder what he would do if every time he had a beer it get like someone kicked him in the balls?

  10. The heaviest person to ever live was 1400 pounds. If these numbers didn't have a limit, he'd be hiding 46.6 inches of meat under that fat. This is roughly 3.8 feet of penis.

  11. at that point he's have a inverted penis. like a inside belly button.

  12. Has he ever stopped an injured player that wanted to play from playing?

  13. Me. No matter how much I begged he always told me the same thing, “your restraining order is still in effect! Get the hell away from me!”

  14. My ex had a dog named Bubs. At this point she’s getting older. Haven’t seen that little monster in 2-3 years. She’d sleep on my head whenever she was scared. Man that’s the shit that gets me. Fuck my ex though

  15. How is his title false based on what he thought happened

  16. Where does this post or the sub rules state that it’s ONLY apocalyptic/society destroying survival advice allowed

  17. Sure, let’s just ignore everything else on that list that pretty obviously lays out why I assume it’d be an apocalyptic scenario. And yeah let’s just assume I don’t understand how a militarized police force would care about the constitution. Break it down for me.

  18. Pittsburgh closed up shop after those people were killed on the Great lakes a few years back.

  19. Anytime but it’s extremely common knowledge and easily Googled

  20. I upvoted it so it’s still got at least 1 downvote. It’s confusing lol

  21. If I make a factual error in a post and it’s pointed out I feel like an idiot so I tend to double-check any fact I post.

  22. For a semi-recent example, Jamar Taylor picked off Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham in

  23. Despite everyone being so sure this has happened before, you were the only one to actually provide evidence.

  24. people just say whatever gets them karma

  25. Like 1% of Reddit cares about karma this kinda comment is such a cop out of the issues at play

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