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  1. I got a Continental belt and tensioner combo from RockAuto installed

  2. So I'm assuming they will tone down the visual effects of the combo attack once the game is released? Hopefully to help those with visual conditions.

  3. Hard to believe how clean these E's are up north..

  4. Did my drive belt a while back. Rockauto recommended me to replace my tensioner at the same time so I ended up buying a bundle deal of both from Continental. Belt and Tensioner been going strong since.

  5. If I see system error one more time...

  6. I'll always recommend the 5-speed. You just can't go wrong with it.. but if you choose the automatic just don't buy an Element from 2003 to 2006 as I heard the transmission that came with those years were only 4 speeds.

  7. Yes. "DU Central Park" asks for "The Final Confrontation! Part 2" which I obviously should already have procced day 1 or day 2 of the event, but here I am twiddling my thumbs hoping Nexon would fix things on their end.

  8. This is also happening to me. I thought that enough players would've reported it by now but I think I'm softlocked from seeing Wakamo's valentine event story..

  9. For those of you reading this from the future that have the same issue I did with the flange being cut off here's the conclusion I came to:

  10. Great advice. I've never thought about what could happen with the car just straight piped other than it being really loud. Sorry this happened to you, happens to the best of us

  11. You'll hear a constant popping noise especially when taking corners if your wheel bearings are bad. Thought I would share. Hope you find the cause.

  12. Not an expert, but don’t you get a hum/whir sound when the wheel bearings are shot? And a popping with turns is a CV joint?

  13. The popping noise could be both synonymous with both CV joints and wheel bearings. You would usually have to diagnose and identify the source of the noise by other means as there are usually other symptoms that would indicate a bad wheel bearing or cv joint and they both share similar symptoms.

  14. I believe you're looking for the Lid Panel of the Molding Garnish for the roof trim. I can't give you an exact part number but for my 2005 EX it would be 75211-SCV-A02ZC. I believe the part is discontinued but I hope it helps.

  15. Would you happen to know if I need to get the hole covered completely to prevent water damage or is there no issue of water damage here?

  16. There seems to be exposed metal from the pictures but there is a seam where water can potentially stay and corrode from the top (where the paint starts to chip). For sure those fastners that hold those rack ports will quickly rust out and could potentially mess with whatever is up there if you leave it long enough. I don't believe you would be seeing any other issues though.

  17. If the light just came on now, the batteries on one of the sensors might've died. If it came after a tire swap, make sure they weren't damaged during the mounting process. Lastly, if you've changed your wheels and didn't install your sensors onto your new wheels, the light will show.

  18. Check your driveshaft for play in the u-joints or deformities in the shaft itself. Check your CV Axles, could be bad joints or bent axles. Check your moter/transmission mounts as increase load can put more stress on the mounts which might be the cause of the vibration. Check wheel balancing, out of round wheels or damaged wheels which tend to show symptoms at certain speeds and increase from there. These are some common issues I've known from experience. Hopefully you find your fix.

  19. Yup check the VTEC Solenoid. Use to make my E go on limp mode when cold but would work fine once fully warmed up. CEL was on but it was just the common O2 sensor problem that's just so very common on E's. Might honestly be a Winnipeg thing (I live here so ama if you need!).

  20. I know old thread but dude.. tysm. CX9 came into the shop with same fob and same problem. Replaced the battery but the low battery warning kept showing. Wouldn't have found the solution without this thread existing. Thank you.

  21. They're probably wrong. I trust what the door placard says plus a one psi difference isn't gonna hurt the sensors or tire at all.

  22. I actually just replaced my serpertine belt today with parts from RockAuto. Granted I also replaced the tensioner but the belt was a super tight fit and it required some manpower from me and my buddy. A good tip is to try and get as much leverage out of the tensioner as you can cause you're gonna need it. I realized at one point I wasn't getting all the leverage I could and it made my buddy struggle trying to get the last bit of the belt onto the power steering pully.

  23. Check the MyAsus app that got pre-installed with the device and check if you have any keyboard firmware updates. That seemed to fix our problem. My GF just got the same laptop and notice that some keys have trouble inputting themselves. We noticed this the moment we started setting up Windows for the first time..

  24. I used Morgona. For the free slot I used Diona to activate the cryo resonance + the free shield from Diona elemental skill. Having everyone geared was pretty essential as I couldn't clear the Okuden with my single target damage comps but with Morgona I only had 50 secs left which made it feel like a breeze.

  25. I bought xtals before and I have top up bonus listed on every single pack I could buy rn

  26. Are you sure that's the 2x bonus ? Once you top up for the first time that 'bonus' turns into a lesser amount (it will show up as bonus still in the shop).

  27. Dude your Keqing is really strong. Even without the support/food buffs I can tell she does good damage. Can we see the characters stats? That would be awesome!

  28. People will be quick to point out the crit rate and that's all they could ever see. (Bonus points if they ask you if the build even crits).

  29. Does it hang on the start up screen ? (Where you can see the post codes in the corner). Usually when it takes a while to boot, you can see what process your mobo is trying to post through due to the codes. If it is stuck on a code, it can give you some idea of what's going on.

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