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  1. > Maybe because it's the biggest sporting event in the world, like do you know how numbers work?

  2. When you take the whole of the Mass Effect trilogy, and especially the Citadel free DLC, it is amazing. Yes, the very end if the Reaper storyline is not excellent, but all of the other storylines and characters have amazing payoffs.

  3. To all commenters, you can all present your preferred style of play without casting insults at others who have different opinions, or you can be banned.

  4. I will hate it forever. It ruined the game for a solid year.

  5. The problem is that now Obi-Wan could have gotten rid of one of the most massive threat to the jedi survivors twice and didn't do it. The first one was understandable: he left Anakin a few meters away from lava while he was literally burning, he didn't want to kill his brother with his own hand but he was certain Anakin was going to die, but the second one (the one in Kenobi) doesn't make any sense: Vader is wounded and weakened without any to defend himself and Obi-Wan just run away. Why?! Obi-Wan is responsible for the death of every single person killed by Vader after the show because if bad writing.

  6. And then 9 years later Obi-wan gaslights Luke into trying to kill his own dad.

  7. I suspect the origin of this imitation was so that you didn't have everyone in Bree running around with swords out.

  8. /stoicpose in the store will let you have weapons out while standing in place

  9. Slow or not, the rotation is miserable.

  10. There are plenty of in universe reasons that could be applied to this. I am sure a Visual Dictionary will clear it all up in time. It is very probable that a company or organization that later became part of the seppies was doing Republic business.

  11. Man I wish people were not content to have mistakes "patched" by Pablo.

  12. Honestly it should be the ones who designed the Separatists logo. Why is it so close to the Imperial logo?

  13. I honestly think the sentiment of “fuck” makes a lot more sense in this scene than “fight”, though perhaps it would’ve been distracting. “Fight” is almost too literal a call to arms/declaration of insurrection, especially when what happens next could best be described as a more of a street riot than a skirmish. I do wish they could’ve conveyed “fuck the empire” without saying “fuck”

  14. No it doesn't. "Fuck the Empire" is probably something everyone mutters over breakfast every morning. It's empty sentiment without action. That's what Maarva's speech was saying they'd been doing wrong.

  15. yeah exactly. "fuck the empire" implies... like... "these guys obviously shouldn't be in charge and we should be pretty pissed and annoyingly disobedient about it and eventually find a way to take them down!" it's just so raw and angry and real.

  16. Every person on Ferrix probably mutters "fuck the Empire" every morning over breakfast. The problem is they don't act.

  17. Well, the Visual Dictionary for Rogue One had a little

  18. Yeah Visual Dictionary Pablo canon isn't really what I'm looking for.

  19. Luigi is hilarious. But they should've gotten Bob Hoskins.

  20. Reading the Bible cover to cover.

  21. Oh that's interesting to know. Any idea when this scaling starts to normalize? I don't mind if it takes awhile, just curious when it does. It feels so strange that my Guardian does way more damage with a shield than with a two-hander and that his shield skills are about double the damage of the other abilities.

  22. Shield line is always the highest damage line for Guardians, even moreso at high levels, since you can stack so many traceries that increase shield damage.

  23. The shield skills get even stronger at higher levels. Once you get access to legendary items, you can pick up the +Shield skill tracery (which affects all shield attacks) plus individual +damage traceries for individual shield attack skills.

  24. Being nice has gotten the people I was nice to a lot more than it has gotten me, and that's the actual point of being nice.

  25. The Yeti's oddly tapering arms and small hands, and their strange position, makes me think this is AI generated.

  26. They should do Postman. Pick up a package at a location and then you need to ride it to another location, with no fast travel allowed.

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