1. Tell them finally civilize Florida then we’ll talk about where they will conquer next

  2. I think we can assume the person that made this neither was a quarterback, dated a cheerleader, or had any meaningful friends in high school

  3. I was born on a farm and my mother is an accountant so she is not the same age but I have to say I have to go back and get a new one and then I’ll have a job in a few months so I’m gonna have a little more money and then I’ll get my new job and I will have to get a job

  4. Killing all of my enemies Social Experiment NOT CLICKBAIT

  5. Like racist people are smart enough to follow CDC guidelines

  6. I was writing one where Tanjiro and Giyuu arrive at the Kamado house while Muzan is still there and confront him

  7. Wouldn’t they both die? Not trying to be rude or anything but I don’t think an untrained Tanjiro and one hashira can even annoy Muzan

  8. I was thinking about doing a cop out for it by having the sun rise just before Muzan can takes things seriously and slaughters them. The purpose of it is less of they fight Kibutsuji; but more they both see him and makes Giyui decide to train Tanjiro at the Demon slayer head quarters. Since sending Tanjiro to Urokodaki after seeing Muzan would put both of them in serious danger

  9. Do not share this code with anyone. We will never contact you to ask for it

  10. Great that way everyone has their own pyramid scheme business

  11. I love how they just write “well thought out argument” in brackets rather then actually making one.

  12. I always wondered how Rui’s blood demon art related to his experiences as a human

  13. It’s not that Americans can name it, we just refuse to acknowledge its existence

  14. A nuclear wasteland is still better then a French wasteland

  15. Does this man really believe man had 15 inch Penises 60 years ago?

  16. I was watching it while on a deployment off a hard drive my buddy gave me. Every episode I'd walk over to him and spit out wild stuff. I do remember thinking it was Erens mom too lmfao

  17. When I saw the female titans spare Armin I thought it would have been his mother since we saw Eren and Mikasa’s parents we are never told anything Armin’s at the time

  18. “fAcTs DoNt CaRe AbOut YoUr FeElInGs” while also putting a conservatives only tag

  19. Wow Tucker is such an inspiration to all the Americans who has the gargantuan task of reading off a teleprompter. The millions of dollar he makes a year off of that will not undercut the sacrifice he does for us every day 🫡🫡

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