1. Skin lines are all back so Is just leave it alone for a while and just check it every so often

  2. My advice is to play it like it’s real life and you’ll have a lot of fun! And you will probably die less as long as your aim is good.

  3. Josh D og is so gamazing gets me absolutely blasted off of one hit very pleasant high aswell

  4. I’ve seen these $75 ounces and they are trash. Usually has seeds and tastes like shit. I can buy shitty weed in our dispensaries, not going to drive to Michigan for it. I shop here in Ohio for deals and sales for good herb. Still breaks the bank each month but Im grateful to have the choice. I also make shatter with ground flower, it’s cheap and good, that saves me a ton of money.

  5. I’ve gotten pretty good wedding cake from glorious for 90/oz on sale so I mean it’s not also bad

  6. $39 for 1/10 of Northern Lights? On sale even.

  7. Yeah some of their stuff is still pricey but you can catch great deals there honesty, just checked the website it doesn’t seem like they have as much stuff as they did last time I went.

  8. I completely understand , I am jealous of anyone who got to try the banana mac, it was SNAGGED at my dispo

  9. Dude I’m so sad about the banana mac I didn’t get any either

  10. Favorite strain as of right now honestly, wish it was cheaper. For now it’s a luxury cop for me 😂

  11. I didn’t get pics when I got it but if you ever run into lemon slushy grab it hands down my favorite strain of all time , has the strongest lemon smell and taste instant head buster

  12. I love lemon slushee I legit had to take a break from it it was my go to since it was released 😂😂

  13. when did i say "it is what it is" all im saying is stop comparing us to a state that gets millions in rec sales

  14. There’s plenty of other medical states who don’t have dumb ass prices, but I mean if you’re cool with paying 180 for a half on a regular be my guest but people aren’t having it

  15. Michigan prices when it was only medical were still half what ohio is

  16. I can assure you weed has been cheap since they have had medical the problem is we’re getting scammed, my post wasn’t to bash galenas or anything they had some of my favorite bud to date. I don’t think they or any vendors are the problem, something does need to be done about these prices though

  17. All they’re bud is that price up their starts at 25 an eighth

  18. I commented on Facebook but I can talk pricing here. The 3fifteen I mentioned I believe I got of gelanas for 75. But pretty much always have ounces at or below 100 on the med menu and typically 20% or higher. Popcorn ounces on 420 were 2/125

  19. How is Columbia care in general? I never see any reviews on their flower

  20. I've only tried the franco's lemon cheese but it was pretty good. Closest thing I could compare it with is sour blue diesel from buckeye R. The terpene %'s were low but the bud was still very pungent regardless. Mostly large buds in the half. In fact I liked it so much I went back and got a second half, but they're still priced too high at a lot of places. Definitely worth it with a sale or discount.

  21. Good to know I’ll probably end up getting the tiger mintz, I’m a sucker for marketing. Plus the genetics seem interesting

  22. So weird I was thinking about this strain today I haven’t seen it in awhile. Absolutely love it makes me negative sleepy

  23. Moved from okc? You’re gonna be disappointed with our prices. Sorry in advance

  24. How’s that batch of lemon slushee I had one that last time that wasn’t nearly as good as the first few

  25. Sadly they own a ton of other labels. Including, Wana, willies reserve, keef, old pal and Airo. My Airo battery is my favorite 😭 I’m keeping it, but I’m going to keep using other brand carts in it.

  26. I’ve looked at them but they’re so expensive. I tend to get $25 and $30 carts or on sale stuff lol luster pods are $70 to $80 at my dispo. I did pick up a pax pod in gg4 with a free pax era battery for $20 and love it so far though. Definitely getting more when I find a good deal but I love the pax batter and it makes me want a pax 3 even more now.

  27. I don’t blame you, I strictly only buy them on sale they tend to be a little closer to normal prices that way, all and all it sucks I have to boycott Buckeye, they could do better anyway.

  28. Robots was too much for me. I’m a sativa guy most of the time and I was excited to try it, buds were huge and gorgeous, awesome smell, but it was like waking up after sleeping for 2 days straight. Just totally wired, but over the top.


  30. Throw Firelands on that list too, only reason Idl buying from these 3 companies, and test results are impossible to find for them online, it should all be readily available

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