1. We changed to keeper mode this past off season. It will enter “pre-draft mode” where owners select their keeper themselves. The owner will enter the round the keeper will be in the draft lobby.

  2. I’m in a similar situation, what did you decide to do?

  3. I am toying with the idea of trading Kupp. He can be kept 1 more year and would be a 3rd round pick next year. The rest is re-draft. Almost anyone i get back cannot be kept. Who if anyone would you trade him for right now? I have a roster good enough to win right now but is probably 2/10 or 3/10. Basically, go all in this year and start over next year, or roll the dice and be just very good this year AND next year.

  4. Give me the Lazard side. Lazard is the only trusted guy there, and while we are all out on JT, at this price it’s worth seeing what happens

  5. I kind of figured that was the case. Taylor obviously not trustworthy but the price seems right.

  6. I’m asking how it will be in the off-season. To set keepers. You need to set it to pre draft mode. I’m asking does this only show up during the off season?

  7. In the off-season, each member of our league set their keeper in app. Then I as commissioner went to the pre draft settings and was able to select and drag that player to each players round for that player selection.

  8. Okay, so none of this process can start until the off season, right? We can not select keepers in-season?

  9. Correct. Just don’t drop your players at the end of this season and then next year when you re-new your league, that’s the point in which league members select their keepers.

  10. Because he’s already played several teams, it wouldn’t be fair to do nothing.

  11. Hey Permit, I live in the same area and people play at the REC all of the time. Membership is really affordable and there is always a game. I have also played at Warren and there were tons of people there looking for a game.

  12. Yeah, the Frisco Rec Center. Its like $50 a month solo, or $70 for the family. It has a waterpark for the kids and the gym is nice as well.

  13. Hello. Are you me? Dealing with the exact same thing to a T. Interested to hear responses!

  14. Well Zach Wilson just tore his meniscus, this seems like an easy decision now haah

  15. My wife and I are both mid 30s and have a little one under 1 and love it here. You will too. Lots of family activity and sports in the area

  16. Googling "understanding relationships" will probably also not help you much haha

  17. Oh just his comment about googling understanding relationships. The 2nd part is great advice. It’s how I became serviceable in PBI!

  18. Update: we talked and it was fine! They’re going to stop parking there. Thanks Reddit community!

  19. You should have murdered them. How dare they temporarily park in front of your mailbox and not present you with an opportunity to discuss the issue with them!

  20. The smiles hands down. The first 3 months were so tough. Our LO is about to be 4 months and it has really turned around for me as her dad. Went from being a chore to being a pleasure seeing her and taking care of her. Life went from tough as hell to absolutely magical.

  21. I have over 100,000 points and the only useful thing I’ve ever gotten was a Starbucks gift card. Lol

  22. And you're sure the baby didn't already get exposed to it from her? I'm just asking because my husband got it two weeks ago. He quarantined himself so I had to care for the baby solo but then the baby ended up coming down with it a few days later. Then after taking care of a sick baby alone, I ended up getting it from the baby. Luckily by the my husband came home to pick it up because I was Down for the count.

  23. Pretty good chance you are right but we don’t have any other options :(

  24. How often does your baby feed during the day? And if so, how much (if bottle fed)?

  25. She eats 4.5-5 oz at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and then the 7pm feed, followed by the dream feed.

  26. That’s great that you’re feeding her frequently during the day! In my experience, when you remove the dream feed or baby drops a feed, they gradually increase their intake during the other feeds. I’m sorry to hear that your ped is not super pleased with the slow weight gain but I see it often, where baby doesn’t have much of a weight gain and then one day it’s not an issue. I personally feel like our country is way too obsessed with a baby’s and mother’s weight (I personally was told I had to gain 40lbs to have a healthy pregnancy, which is 40% of my body weight). If you are super worried about your baby’s weight gain I’d continue with the dream feed but I think sometimes it takes a while for a baby to find their curve on the growth chart 🥰

  27. Congratulations 🎉. Do you use Snoo only at night? Where does your LO sleep during the day?

  28. Yes we use only at night. Still working on the day lol, mostly contact napping still, but sometimes a pack and play

  29. Great, thanks for your reply. Is there a reason you are only using Snoo at night? Was this always this way or a recent change?

  30. We always did it this way - trying to help her delineate day and night, so that she has her long sleeps at night. The chart doesn't always work though! She woke us up at 4am last night to eat.

  31. That's the level of concern I see from my cat when the garbage truck goes by. This little one is handling roofers spectacularly well. That level of noise has me under my desk.

  32. She did fantastic. But also did not leave more than a foot away from me all day.

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