1. Have you brought this to the attention of the company in any way? I ask because it's possible they're simply not aware of it if they're not working on the warehouse floor.

  2. I haven't yet, but everyone in the front office walks out to the factory floor on occasion. The HR person was just out here yesterday so they absolutely know what the conditions are.

  3. You might have more luck on the political side by reaching out to your rep instead of a senator, because the reps usually are more connected to hyper-local issues.

  4. I think my best piece of advice is to not fight the clay. You need to learn how to cooperate with it - the harder you push or pull, the worse the outcome will be. Firm, consistent pressure is what you're looking for when you try to center. Ask the teacher to show you how to support your arms so that you're using your body to help you center.

  5. If you want to go fancy, stay at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing on Lake George.

  6. You go in against a professional comedian, you gonna get slayed.

  7. Just stopping in to wish you luck, and to tell you that I think your work is very pretty!

  8. You've gotten lots of great ideas from other posters, so I want to focus on something that often gets overlooked but can make a WORLD of difference in your experience with a new puppy:

  9. I certainly don't know for a fact that she didn't, but she just says that she tried to call and text for two days and then dropped it when she didn't get a reply, which makes me think she didn't really try to address the issue and her texts were more in the "hey, what's up" line. I could absolutely be wrong, but unless the guy is a complete sociopath, I have to believe he didn't answer because he didn't know what to say and just couldn't be casual about it.

  10. Oh, it's definitely immature. Please don't get me wrong: I don't condone what he did at ALL - going turtle is completely unproductive. But if you've been dating for a while and you both say "I love you", that's a pretty big deal. If you actually do love someone, sometimes that means there's a bit of work involved and a bit of slack to be cut.

  11. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better. ❤️ My mom isn’t religious but I don’t think she likes me very much. Everything I do seems to horrify her, but when my sisters do the same thing, she doesn’t mind. It’s a problem with me 😣

  12. It's actually a problem with HER, sweetheart. You? You're great ❤️

  13. Wait - sweetheart, did we all accidentally time-travel to a prairie in the 1850s, where women were expected to leave their hair uncut from birth to death?

  14. Sweetheart, I know you're smart enough to realize we're all telling you the truth when we say that whatever happened, the issue was on HIS side, not yours. I'm so sorry he wasted your time and brought down your mood.

  15. If you can find a good daycare near you, I think it works wonders for young, energetic pups. They get to zoom around and socialize with other dogs all day, and come home properly exhausted.

  16. The thing about dogs is that their default position is to love and be loyal to their people.

  17. Apparently because she’s retired and her income comes from another country she wasn’t eligible. Sounded sus to me since her house is paid off and the bank could just reposes it if she defaulted, especially since the deposit was only 10% of what her house is valued at

  18. That's nonsense. If she's over 62 years old, she will certainly at least qualify for an HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, otherwise known as a "reverse mortgage"). There are no income requirements at all for an HECM - she just has to own the property and the property needs to be well-maintained with no back interest or property taxes due.

  19. She hasn’t and won’t. Despite my irrational guilt I’m smarter than that

  20. You're obviously a good child with a good heart - I'm so glad you recognize that you can be those things without also placing your finances in jeopardy!

  21. My mom made something very similar and called it Gemüse too! She used sour kraut instead of cabbage. My dad started making it after she passed. It definitely says family.

  22. "Gemüse" just means "vegetables" in German :) And while I'm Austrian, I am not aware of this specific dish. I suspect it might be something WWII soldiers were fed while in country.

  23. As I hope you see based on all the posts here, even the best dog parent can't be vigilant 24/7, and a curious, creative puppy will get into things you'd never DREAM of guarding against.

  24. This looks like maybe it's Peak at Hudson Yards?

  25. Oooo good one! Recentering for trimming is the worst!

  26. I'm not generally big on gadgets, but the Giffin Grip has saved my sanity on more than one occasion -

  27. I haven’t tried it yet but now I’ll have to!

  28. It honestly makes trimming, particularly bases, a pleasure -

  29. Sending you love and courage. It takes more than DNA to make a parent, and I'm so sorry the ones in your life won't let you find your own faith, even if that's no faith at all.

  30. I would love the recipe! My husband is a lasagna fiend, but also a rabid carnivore.

  31. It's honestly super basic and one of the first things I served him for dinner when we were dating, lol. I usually make my own sauce and cream fresh baby spinach, but have also used jarred sauce and Seabrook frozen creamed spinach when we're at our lake house, and he doesn't seem to mind the pre-made substitutions, so it's kind of your call if you want to go scratch-made or not.

  32. Sounds really good! I'd love the recipes for the sauce and spinach as well, so I can be a total copycat.

  33. I think not all works of art are meant to be finished - studios all over the world are littered with half-painted paintings and half-chiseled sculptures. That's not a failure on the part of the creator at ALL - it's part of the process. Recycle what was left unfinished and start fresh, with new inspirations.

  34. Sweetheart, this idiot is infinitely beneath you - no person of good character would project his own fears and insecurities onto anyone else, and particularly not onto someone who has been nothing but kind and decent to him.

  35. Thank you, you are so kind. It’s not so much myself who calls me “stupid” “slow” “unattractive” “wierd”, it’s other people: Teachers, professors (calling me stupid), other students, my parents, my ex, other men (wierd, unattractive, dorky). I’ve had teachers in elementary school throw things at me out of frustration, professors sigh at my divergent learning style. I finally got a late diagnosis of ADHD and ASD and it’s the oddness to my personality which motivates many to abuse me, my therapist says.

  36. The only person whose opinion about you actually matters is you ❤️

  37. This is definitely a neighborhood-by-neighborhood situation. My experience has been that my neighbors have had zero issues with a dog being no more than a few feet on their property to sniff plants and/or pee, and if poop should happen, it's all good provided the dog owner cleans up afterward. Same deal with the verge - sniff, pee/poop, but clean up and don't let your dog destroy any plantings.

  38. My experience has been exclusively Mexico City and surrounding areas

  39. Unless someone with actual knowledge pipes up to let us know, I'm just going to guess it's probably more of a staple in areas with lots of dairy production, like Chihuahua.

  40. I didn't even want to hook up with him, is the problem... I wanted to be able to eat a picnic lunch, or watch a movie, but even then I was getting groped at until I had to run away from the place, and that's why I feel ashamed... I feel like I walked into a situation where every time I said no I got run over...

  41. Let me ask you a question: if you went on a picnic with someone and they punched you in the face, would you be damaged goods? Violence, no matter which sort, that is done to you is not a choice you make, and if it's not a choice you make, you have no blame whatsoever in it.

  42. If you’re lucky you can wait until 40. I had to start at 35 for the boob smoosh procedure and my doctor wants me to get colonoscopy now too. Yay family risk.

  43. Just popping in here to say as a breast cancer survivor who lost her younger sister to the disease, please get every screening test you possibly can. I'm so grateful the tests exist, so there's an opportunity to catch an issue early enough for treatment.

  44. I came here to comment about the dogs but seriously the colonoscopy nap is incredible lol

  45. I frequently tell my husband that if I ever leave him, it will be for an anesthesiologist 😂

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