1. Thanks for helping to bring attention to this, especially since it's a difficult topic to understand and talk about for a lot of people.

  2. Honestly I think people should be thinking more on what not to do rather than what to do. Hollow gestures like linking the suicide hotline or CAPS or anonymously reporting to reddit care resources. Any anonymous reporting for someone being suicidal. Especially when people have never used those things themself. If you really want to do something, try going through the process that suicidal people keep repeatedly being told to do. Call the suicide hotline or go to CAPS and tell them you have a suicide plan. So many people believe doing that helps and that nothing bad can happen from seeking help that way. Put yourself in a suicidal persons shoes. I don't mean go try and kill yourself but try those resources and tell them you have a suicide plan. If you're willing to shame a suicidal person for not helping themself that way, then you're full of shit if you won't put yourself in the same situation. People are so damn disillusioned with resources.

  3. Homie you've been spamming the subreddit with your mental health issues and people have been trying to help you all along. My SSRIs fucked my grades up. So I made the choice to stop taking them. The only person who is able to evaluate whether or not a treatment modality works for you is you. Please get off reddit and speak with ypur psychiatrist.

  4. I do speak my psychiatrist. Why can't I speak up anywhere else? I'm suffering here.

  5. I already had two failed suicide attempts this quarter and I would be afraid of taking myself to the ER. On top of the hospital bills, I’ve just been increasingly drugged up with medications.

  6. Shall I hurry up and die then. I've wondered for a while if other students really did care when they heard news of past UCLA student suicides. Everyone else has lives to move on with right.

  7. call your psychiatrist’s office and tell them all of this. they can probably offer u a new temporary solution. if they aren’t available, call your doctor’s office and tell them all of this. if you are feeling weak, that is not healthy and you need medical guidance soon. do all this and see if there is a solution before writing a will. once your find the solution, you won’t need the continuous follow ups. i’m in the process of finding the right medication for me so I know it’s difficult, but hold on because there are other solutions to try that you haven’t yet.

  8. I already did minus the will. Their temporary solution was more medication, which I have still been taking consistently.

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