1. Bike could have got swamped, water through the air filter then tried to keep running it but only second to the other comments ! Just another idea

  2. I can never find any 8.49 artifact jars in stock and nobody can reply to my answer. How much does this run?

  3. 8.4 artifacts ticket is $120 and I suggest looking at menus night before ! Only way i can ever snag a jar!

  4. I have to really pop the clutch in second so as long as you pop the clutch your all good

  5. This is some good stuff. I got some with solo burger. Can’t go wrong with either

  6. No myrcene on the terps… that’s rare. Everything usually is myrcene 1st or 2nd

  7. Had some Gelato MintZ from them recently. Shit was GREAT. The greasy runtz looks very nice

  8. Heard good things about the mintz! I try to pick up certified once a week ! They have been killin it for me ! Any select almost worth getting! Concrete jungle is fire, kush face knock ya socks off, rpo , dirty lil secret !

  9. Yeahh didnt go into the arnie with high hope just was super cheap and a decent strain to smoke on when ya saving the good ish hahaha 🤣

  10. Probably only got a handful and anywhere with galenas ppl damn near use all their days to get jars! Here today gone tomorrow

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