1. You tell her that you have plans to watch the Road Cycling Time Trial World Championships, and if she yells at you, you now know she will not change her behavior. At that point you get to decide whether you want to be in a relationship with someone who treats you like garbage.

  2. I mean, I see it rather as annoying than abusive, but yes I'm scared she might act like that again if I decide to watch it.

  3. I probably can't yeah, but I don't know if watching it is the best option.

  4. Idk maybe you should get off the couch for an hour and do something with her outside. Seems like you want the nagging to stop but aren’t willing to spend more time with her, also, why are you dating a fresh-out-of-highschooler anyways? You’re 22.

  5. Sounds like youre not in a healthy relationship my dude. As others have pointed out 22 and 18 are very different ages of maturity and experience. As a 22 yo dating a 20 yo, even that is a fairly significant difference. How long have you been together? Cuz it doesnt sound like anyone is happy here. And 3 werks straight of this? Like, kudos to you i guess for putting yp with it. But, you shouldnt have to. And she should be with someone she can be happy with. Which appears to be not you, based on herbehavior and your story. Breaking off the relationship sounds pretty reasonable in this case, sonce there doesnt seem to really be much of a relationship here

  6. She won't have sex with you because you're not married. Once you're married, that barrier is down and she can begin to explore her sexuality. If she still doesn't want to have sex with you after you're married, that's grounds for annullment even in the strictest Catholic traditions, so getting a divorce in your community won't be hard.

  7. If she talks about killing herself again, just report it. She needs to go to some mental facility.

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