1. Yes, it would. A single fan 3060ti would fit too, if one wants.

  2. You Built yourself a much better Xbox series X. Haha. That’s pretty cool. Is that a micro atx board? Or smaller? I got a micro atx build but nowhere near that small. I love sapphire products too and didn’t know they had motherboards.

  3. I have the same case, and it's certainly nicer than the other bent steel cases. I'm very curious on how your cooling solution would fare against a full axp-x47.

  4. For a 12100, it probably wouldn't make much of a difference, in all honesty.

  5. Ilove boxy and clean sff gone now saving this images to inspire me too save for gpu and build later this year this takes my mind off to negative thought thanks mate

  6. Looks to be an ID Cooling SE 207 XT Slim. 7 Heat pipes, dual tower, 135mm tall.

  7. It's time, time for SFFTime's P-ATX v3. After missing the previous versions a couple of time, managed to snag the v3 during the second run.

  8. when did it go back in stock? I registered my mail for restock but I didn't got anything about it.

  9. The height of the cooler with the stock fan is 47mm, so presumably 57mm.

  10. Hi OP , will Corsair RM750 fit in it ?

  11. It should fit, but it might affect your GPU length.

  12. Hey man, old post but got some questions. Is that a 3.5'' HDD on the back? so sorry I honestly can't tell haha

  13. F0X_ says:

    Nice, love compact builds. But the 5600G paired with a pcie 4 mobo and rx6500xt is killing me lol. So close

  14. Thanks! Not really, actually. Got the 5600G at a really good price, and this isn't really my main rig, so the 650XT isn't really used for anything intensive actually

  15. Build looks great but that gpu was not thought about at all

  16. Thanks! Not really, actually. Got the 5600G at a really good price, and this isn't really my main rig, so the 650XT isn't really used for anything intensive actually

  17. The screws that lock the bottom part with the heatsink make it slightly too wide. On both sides.

  18. how hard is it to push it down? Did you notice any bending issue?

  19. What bending? When you fix the heatsink to the SSD, it shouldn't bend.

  20. Mechanic Master C34. 21ish Litres, fits your atx board and CPU cooler.

  21. That's what the backplate is for. To try and minimize the flex.

  22. i search across the universe and finally found someone using AXP90 with the trash design MSI b550i.

  23. Mechanic Master C28. 179L, fits a standard sized MATX board and ATX psu, and having big tower cooler like the D15 fit.

  24. Seems similar to the NR200 in layout. Is it larger?

  25. It's smaller at 17.9L, while the NR200 is at 18.25L.

  26. Anyone with a Mechanic Master c28 know if a 160mm ATX PSU would fit in the case? Really contemplating on getting the case, but I currently have a 160mm PSU. I currently don't have a gpu, but I'm willing to get a two fan or smaller if need be to accommodate my larger PSU.

  27. It will fit, but it will eat into your gpu length by quite a significant amount.

  28. Thank you for answering. Do you think a gpu with 222m length would still fit? The gpu I'm eyeing is about that long

  29. You should be fine with that length of GPU. At 222mm, it is shorter than a standard 244x244mm matx board, and the PSU doesn't overhang the motherboard, so in theory, it will work.

  30. Good choice on the C28. That thing is fantastic and I love mine. Big tower coolers, matx Mobo and under 18L.

  31. Undervolt and tune the fan curve is usually the way to go.

  32. Undervolted and I even made a fan duct using EVA foam. Usually the temperature stays under 85c with vsync set. But with ray traced games, the card runs hotter.

  33. What case are you using at the moment? One common issue of the mini sandwich cases with 180mm GPU length limit is that the card is right against the front panel and the hot air has nowhere else to go, especially since the 6600xt itx is 179mm and exhausts through the front and back.

  34. Was there a separate mounting kit for rotated installation? The backplate and brackets mine came with definitely only allow for vertical orientation on AM4 motherboards.

  35. Depends on which revision of the axp90 you have. I am not mistaken the older ones are unable to be rotated.

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