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  1. Nope- if you put the powdered sugar on first the lemon juice kinda dissolves it into a frosting of sorts

  2. That bracelet would make beautiful dangle earrings or pendant and the pearls can be used for something else

  3. Thank you for the great help! And I appreciate the part about my grandma 😁 I’ll make sure I follow your advice because it’s kind of serious to me I shouldn’t waste them. My grandma used to say that this jewelry collection is for me to sell only when i’m thinking of getting engaged. And here we are. Thank you so much👌🏼❤️

  4. He started as a good looking black man and ended up a weird looking white woman

  5. Everyone is different and has different chemicals in their skin/sweat this can cause faster oxidation especially with silver. With gold you wouldn't have this problem most likely

  6. Embrace it! Use offset design elements to guide the eye through and around the piece so the shape becomes part of the beauty

  7. I love the dangly earrings! I want to try a simple version but I’m not sure how to start- Any tips?

  8. Active AG work makes a Bigger difference in upper body strength between men and women

  9. Never underestimate the power of words- or what it means when we don’t speak against them.

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