1. I never seen a thumbnail preview in windows for my stl. Honestly do you need to? Just name it what it is.

  2. I bought the preorder collectors already i am so hyped

  3. I don't see why you would want to - but if you can run the software and have a USB port you should be able to run the device.

  4. I have a pi running my battle maps for tabletop gaming. I have it connected to a TV that’s mobile. So it would make it easy to switch audio tracks and maps at a push of a button.

  5. Okay I was just asking cause it looks not level in picture. But have you tried printing less volume on each side? Like a test of one on left, one middle and one right?

  6. Ah yeah I think that's the angle of the pic, I haven't tried that yet, slicing a new file for it now

  7. I noticed on my printer if I put too many I will have multiple failures and some are just fine. I reduced the amount and then they all print. Hopefully it fixes your issue, if not I’m out of ideas.

  8. There isn’t more info in comments you just say you designed something and there’s no image or anything.

  9. What part? You aren’t showing anything

  10. It’s a FedEx truck why would they have cash on board? Sounds like a dumb thing to print on it.

  11. It's a standard practice for a lot of cargo cars in US to protect drivers from robbers. Does it work? I don't know.

  12. Ah I see. Didn’t know that. TIL

  13. Does anyone enjoy the yt shorts? I find them being pushed onto creators and not very useful.

  14. I’d use them if TikTok was gone. Also it’s annoying on desktop cause there’s no volume slider so they are always 100%

  15. For the love of all that is holy, WEAR GLOVES FFS

  16. Yes it needs different settings. Idk what slicer you are using but if you use lychee there will be community settings for the resin based on printers so that’s a place I’d start.

  17. What games. This must be a meme post.

  18. Good place for graphic novels and books?

  19. As someone fairly new to dnd (started a few years ago) where can I read lore or stories of Minsc and Boo? Are their novels?

  20. Youll find them in the first Baldurs Gate game for sure - some great and memorable lines

  21. Ah okay. I tried to play the original but the controls are a bit odd for me. I guess I’ll need to give them another shot.

  22. Why didn’t I get Rick rolled or finally wake up in a cart in Skyrim. I’m disappointed at OP


  24. People actually use HomePods to make phone calls?

  25. Look on Amazon for spigen cases.

  26. Yeah it blows. Can’t believe it took this long to hit Canada. But I’m just happy I bought all mine when they were lower priced.

  27. Get G4 Instant over G3 Instant with this price. The image quality in G4 Instant is way better as well as the IR itself too.

  28. That’s what they want you to do. Just spend 20$ more get a upgraded one.

  29. I just got my rma approved, sucks I have to pay shipping.

  30. One of my G3 Instant cameras has had it running from top to bottom for probably most of this year and it hasn’t changed or gone away or gotten worse. Just learned to live with it. Probably a hardware issue.

  31. Oh jeez I couldn’t live with it. And I hope I don’t have to.

  32. Remake the automation typically solves the problems. Did you try that?

  33. Beat me to the joke. Take your upvote

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