1. Just buy a double Ethernet wall plate. And run a cable hider on the wall to where you want it to go.

  2. Things that can effect would be leveling, usb (if using the one they provided it’s known to fail), temperature should be 70-78 F I believe but double check in manual. Also the air purifier shouldn’t effect it it’s just to move some air to get rid of smell and you can just try printing without it to see if that’s the issue.

  3. I'm gonna bring it up out of the basement and bring it into the office and let it sit for a few days, along with the resin as well. I found some Reddit posts indicating the resin needs to be room temp or it will be too viscous.

  4. Start printing first. Why do you think you need a new hot end? It’s a new printer ffs the hot end should be fine.

  5. Ask your gf what model it should be….

  6. It's meant to be taken off, though it was hard and left glue residue and tiny strands.

  7. Use isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth should get it up very easy

  8. As others say I just use UniFi and add it through homebridge if I really needed it in the home app. It’s just all the HomeKit cameras have eh quality and to have 5 or more I have to pay for iCloud extra storage on top of most of the subscriptions they have. Yeah some don’t but the HomeKit cameras I’ve used in the past like the Logitech circle sucked ass. Plus HomeKit would randomly have missing footage which was annoying.

  9. How do you have professional support when the regular support sucks ass. Seriously email or instant message on their site is the only support and it is garbage. They need phone support.

  10. Mine does. Bought it from micro center about a week ago. Runs smooth as can be. I’m just slicing and printing.

  11. Dbrand skin. They look great and stick nicely. Using one on my MacBook Pro to make sure I don’t get scratches on the lid.

  12. It's a Linux PC. Do they have a Linux application?

  13. From their site when you download the dedicated server it has a Linux option. I just don’t know if it would work with steam os. I’m not too familiar with Linux and the differences between the distros.

  14. Personally I would use tree supports for this tall object

  15. Second this. Tree supports best support

  16. If the noise is coming from the extruder, it's probably a bad cooling fan, the extruder has 3, at least one might be bad.

  17. Yeah sounds like a fan is dying.

  18. I just did. Started printing and just slicing files and printing them so fast with microcenters hyper pla

  19. Mines doing the first layer rn i think it was that my filament was getting tangled

  20. Cool cool hopefully it continues to print good. :)

  21. Does that help? The files are fine I think it might be clogging itself

  22. If you believe it’s clogging then remove the filament, heat up the nozzle and use the wire they gave you to unclog it. It could be a corrupt file/ usb/sd card issue. Why not try doing both

  23. I bought a led light strip for my Neptune 3. Now I can see what I’m printing.

  24. Welp I’m adding a smoke detector near my plugs now for peace of mind

  25. I just don’t understand why you have tortillas next to the rack

  26. Not dead pixels. It’s a defective screen

  27. If you heat up the extruder you should be able to use the rod thing to shove up the tip and clear the clog. Look at elegoos website for extruder to just replace it. If can’t find it there just email them and ask if the other ones are the same.

  28. Yeah I will just stick with my raspberry pi running octoprint and never touch the creality app.

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