1. Lol secrets. You're not entering the Olympia bro.

  2. I’d critique, but don’t want to give away my secrets…..

  3. Thank you man! It’s one I’m Gona have to keep messing with how I hit until I hit it just right 🤔🤔 another few years of growth and it will be filled in a lot more 🫡

  4. Please guys don’t freak out about how much volume you need just take the sets where they need to go get a good squeeze good contraction and you will improve don’t sweat so much little stuff early on and get the broad strokes , train hard get your sleep get your food

  5. If you were worried too and you can recover from it I would suggest maybe splitting them if it concerned you that much , I have two days a weeek for arms rn tryna bring them up , so I do my push down variation for tri on one day and my overhead variation movements on another , can do the same with bi , do your preacher and dumbbell on one day and maybe do , hammers and reverse curls on another or you could even do cable hammer with a rope get a good pump , then go a little heavier on the hammers

  6. Really good quads shoulders , the x frame is great , triceps and erectors look awesome too , some more chest and lats will really fill you in nicely but we all know our own weak points , excited to see the stage shots keep the updates coming as you get more peeled! Edit : hope you don’t take this the wrong way! You look great dude for real! 🙏

  7. Since noone asked this I think it's probably a stupid question but... What are those dark spots on your back?

  8. Cupping marks , I get deep tissue and scraping done , there’s a Manual Therapist out in San Diego who works with a lot of weightlifters , really helps with any kinks or tightness issues of mine so I continue getting it done! A little recovery work which I believe can be really beneficial if you feel you need it! Also stretching regularly helps , I usually go once to twice a month 🤘

  9. Very solid starting point for your first show, enjoy the process and good luck

  10. I’ll be doing open and classic , I hope my legs are good enough for the novice of those two classes , been hitting them twice a week for awhile now and that’s not Gona change!

  11. Bro you look super familiar. I think we go to the same gym. Props on the great physique and good luck on your prep

  12. I train at The Gym locations in San Diego , and when I’m back home in Katy Tx I train at fitness connection and Iron city in cypress!

  13. that’s a physique i’d be highly content with. my goal is 170lbs shredded at 5 foot 8.

  14. People that you can tell have been training for what is likely to be a few months if even that with the wife beater or stringer and posing in the mirror at the gym with likely over 25% body fat and filming like I’m all for changing how you look and gym positivity and I’m glad they found the gym and started training but let’s get a few years under the bar first before we do this shit maybe I’m crazy or an asshole but whatevs 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. You look great man! I wana see the back double once your peeeelltt but your very balanced and proportional with a good taper and some density! Look ahead of schedule

  16. 225g Air fried potatoes, 3 scrambled happy eggs(preferably blue container best yolks) 4 oz chicken breast , 100g Strawbs , been on this breakfast for awhile fire af Mix potatoes chicken and eggs in bowl mash it up top with ketchup or salsa🙈

  17. You look amazing man! Big fan of the physique, you probably already know not trying to be an ass just giving some constructive critique I think you could use more adductor and hamstring to really set you apart on stage! But please don’t take negatively you look awesome!

  18. His hamstrings look like they’ve gotten better I feel his hams could have been thicker and they look improved from this shot

  19. Bitches say that I’m a cool cat fuck that tell them bitches I’m a top dog 😎🥵🥵

  20. If someone here has an actual decent site to order some from, I’d appreciate that. The packs I got about a year ago are finally running out and search engines are turning up crap sites, and I really wish I saved the site I got them from.

  21. Yeah I would wait till this covid stuff dies down before joining as a 3 year sailor who’s had over a year of deployments and not being able to see family after either of them because of covid and being single it’s a very shitty situation and very lonely life lol

  22. Pacagked was ship via USA warehouse Wednesday the 30th still not here a week later it should not take this long to ship anything within USA

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