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  1. Family Guy. It's great series to me. Its so funny. I like the humor the series give me.

  2. This is like the 10th time this same story got posted

  3. Please post the full text in a comment, not just a link.

  4. Screw this war it's affected inflation, mortgage rates , food prices etc. Make bread, not war.

  5. It ain' matter how democratic it is britain still remains a monarchy which has brutal and bloody history.

  6. 99% of history is brutal and bloody, the British monarchy isn't special in that regard.

  7. are you fucking kidding me? you don't know anything about what kinda crimes british empire committed? go and get some history lessons.

  8. "On Washington's San Juan Island, a national historical park harks back to a notorious 1859 border dispute when the British and Americans almost went to war over a pig."

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