1. Ashten’s, Scott’s table, and Roast in southern pines are doing special dinners. All great places to eat.

  2. They all look great, but Ashten’s has that je ne sais quoi that I’m looking for. Thanks!

  3. I train people in the Springs in Florida, which are perpetually flat and you can walk right up to them.

  4. Did they have to take “Redneck” out of their name before moving to North Hills?

  5. Never stayed over Christmas, but my wife and I did spend a few nights at the Inn at Biltmore for our honeymoon, and I can say it was a less than stellar experience. The Inn definitely caters to a specific clientele of older, upper class people. We got quite a few stares and sideways glances being the younger folks there, judged a bit, and were made to feel like we weren't necessarily "Welcome" in their establishment.

  6. Interesting. We’re an interracial couple and now I’m a bit concerned for how we’ll be received.

  7. You’ll be fine. A lot of couples in Asheville are interracial, us included. Don’t put a lot of thought into it.

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  9. I just recently got my Google PM Certificate and it is very very basic. I enjoyed it but companies don’t seem to care like if you have a PMP.

  10. I agree. I’m working on the 4th of 6 sub-certs that equal the Google PM cert. At this point, I’m going to finish the program, but it’s very very basic, as you stated. I’ll be starting AR’s Udemy course when I’m done, as I already watch his YT and find it extremely helpful.

  11. Use an atty, mistakes are avoided and you can add atty cost to your expenses

  12. I think this is another good lesson I can take from the experience. Thanks for your reply

  13. This article has our actual lease. You can use it or just pull stuff from it. It also has our application, addendum, actual screening process, and lots of tips.

  14. Even WRAL posted his name and a picture. Surprising, consider he’s 15. I understand this is a special circumstance, though.

  15. Haven't seen it the past few times I've gone, but the Wisconsin Cheese trailer. They have a huge wedge of cheese as their sign. Fried mozzarella or cheddar. So bad for you, but so damn good.

  16. Cheese curds are my must-have fair food! I love the squeakiness on my teeth 😂

  17. Thank you for this. Too many people make the choice of where to get a tattoo/piercing based on price, alone. There are obviously many more factors to consider. Some of which can have long lasting affects. The Triangle is full of great, reputable artists and shops that treat their clients with the utmost respect. It’s a shame that a place like Jason’s is allowed to continue to operate.

  18. Can you shout out some of the reputable artists / shops that you know of? New to the area and it's so difficult to parse through 1000 instagram handles to find artists :)

  19. I would be glad to! Is there a certain style you’re looking for?

  20. I tried this once and some phucker rear-ended me reading it!

  21. Nah, if it was a Raleigh redditor it would have another paragraph or two about using turn signals, turning on headlights in the rain (but NOT emergency flashers!), running red lights, and the evils of cruising in the left lane.

  22. I was just quoting from the wiki that the person who I replied to posted.

  23. I like that it has it's own chair.

  24. I was watching most of the day. That, and the manatee cams. Sunshine in Florida today :)

  25. Red sky at night, lawn chairs take flight

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