1. I also don't seem to have any lakes! I have all but the evil parts of my research tree maxed out. I have water features and lake options...but no actual lake.

  2. did you try restarting your game?

  3. OMG you want things to cost more????I feel like I have played 100s of hours and will never have enough dreamlight to open the last biome where the pumpkins are. I had 10,000 thinking that was enough but NO not even close.

  4. I have 50k dreamlight with all of the areas unlocked, keep doing dailies!

  5. Your pen can't be accessed due to the keeper not being able to access. Like if you have a narrow path and there's a bunch of people or you placed a light then your keeper can't make it

  6. How far through its lifespan it is. You can filter by this and donate the oldest ones before they die in your zoo and visitors get upset about it.

  7. Nothing like customers complaining "why didn't they save that animal!?" Uh..cause it was old as fuck? Oh but don't worry I cloned it!

  8. I mean if you can harvest or gather it pick it up. It would be great to never have to farm for mats because you knew what to do from the start.

  9. Have you placed lamp posts in various places or just random items? I believe it is talking about this.

  10. The items we have access to in each theme is kind of random, it's hard to make a cohesive space sometimes. Good job!

  11. Please make sure you are gathering all the wood you come across, there is an item cap and if you do not gather wood you find in all biomes you will not spawn in more as well.

  12. Yes! Pick up everything and sell what you don't need! But I would save allll of the wood,personally

  13. I store my flowers by color in various places in the map displayed out. Feels wrong to lock up flowers in a box 🤣 I save my storage for gems and shards

  14. Do you have a lot of crops growing? Sometimes that can cause lag.

  15. Yes but it's so bad it won't let me pick all of them up.

  16. That could be part of the problem. Try and get all of those picked up a bit at a time and that may help with the lag. It helps to make your plots spread out in other biomes to help avoid this.

  17. I had this problem with Kristoff and Remy and I play at night.

  18. I stayed up late and it showed up at 1:30am

  19. I have been and now I have like 300 softwood lol

  20. You need a large number of mats for some of the larger decorations. And lots of iron. Ugh.

  21. Your controller has drift on the joystick

  22. Did your pass expire? Or did it not renew? I'm using game pass on pc and I haven't run into that yet

  23. It renewed a few days ago. I've had the error pop up like three times now. It only happens for a few minutes and then it goes back to working

  24. Huh. Well I know the game servers are down and that might effect how things work too.

  25. You're playing a game that is not released. It is still in alpha stage,not even beta. You get to play early to help them get those bugs out and help make it a better game when it does release.

  26. I wish they would say that then, I assumed it was done.

  27. You're right they did a bad job making it clear what stage the game was really at.

  28. Higher level crops will need watered more than once during the growth stage

  29. Yes I have that problem today too. Maybe it's the servers

  30. It might be laggy but if you get rid of it fast it'll probably be alright.

  31. I just randomly had one approach me today with the "approach" and I hadn't had success with anything aside from squirrels and turtles. Raccoons love blueberries!

  32. Take them along for all of your tasks regardless of what their assigned role. You may not get bonuses but you get friendship for all of your daily "chores"

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